Down And Out Mother Of 2 Shot And Killed After Allegedly Shoplifting From A Walmart

In what certainly appears like a case of “not necessary,” 27-year-old Shelly Frey was shot and killed by an off-duty deputy after he suspected the Houston mother of two had shoplifted.

Frey was reportedly perusing the Walmart with friends Tiasa Andrews and Yolanda Craig when Louis Campbell, a 26-year veteran of the force, approached the ladies about shoplifting. The trio then ran off into the parking lot where Campbell followed them. The chase escalated to the point that Frey got into her car to speed away and Campbell followed. Shortly after, he fired, striking Fey in the neck. He claims that he eventually drew his gun because he was “between the car door and the driver’s seat and feared for his safety.”

But considering that Frey was not armed herself, her mother has a pretty reasonable response:

“Why couldn’t you just shoot the tire, shoot the window?” she asked. “Was it that serious?”

Even if her daughter did commit a crime, Wilkerson said she did not deserve to die—or for her two young grandchildren to lose their mother.

Bear in mind, too, that there were two young children in the car that Frey hopped into — although reportedly not her own.

After hearing about what happened to their daughter, the Freys drove straight to Houston from New Orleans, where Frey had previously lived herself before Hurricane Katrina. But investigators have yet to contact the family, or even let them see their daughter’s body. Shelly’s mother is plagued with questions as to why Campbell felt the need to fire:

“I can’t eat, I can’t sleep—I just need to know,” her mother Sharon Wilkerson said.

Court documents show that Shelly Frey had pleaded guilty to shoplifting shirts and a package of meat from Walmart in early 2012. As part of her plea agreement, she reportedly agreed to avoid all Walmart locations.

Shelton Frey, Shelly’s dad, describes his daughter as “the perfect mom, perfect friend, perfect daughter.” But he adds that she suffered from financial hardship due to his 2-year-old granddaughter’s battle with sickle cell anemia. Such details illuminate why Shelly may have felt compelled to violate that plea agreement.

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  • The truth

    Maybe if she spent less money on crack-whore-looking makeup she’d have money for food.

    • Maggie

      Maybe you should keep your hate to yourself since you don’t know her personal situation.

    • Jawan Terrell

      no worse than crack whore Lindsay Lohan right? seems like white people forget their own shame when casting judgment on other races

    • cleopatra

      Not all “white people” think like that.

    • Allwhitepeople


    • Jawan Terrell

      have you taken a look at McCauley Culkin lately? plenty of examples of F-ed up white people and got nothing to do with how u dress and what kind of clothes u wear. In fact, Culkin is a fashionable dressing druggie…the pride of the white race…

    • Ani

      dude, no body said anything about race.

    • Ani

      and you don’t even know if the original poster is white either, so… think about that juuuust a little bit before you post ignorant comments. its just as irrelevant as the “the truth” poster.

    • Asilee

      Guess you’re an expert on what classifies as ‘crack-whore’ make-up. Got any confessions to make?

    • meg

      I’m glad you brought your compassion to the party. A mother of two is dead for stealing a paltry handful of items from a multi-billion dollar corporation, but screw her, you don’t like her eye shadow!

    • onefatfrodo

      I feel compassion for this girl and her family..but I’m wondering why you seem okay with her stealing (if she really even did) from a “multi-billion dollar corporation”?

    • chickadee

      Who keeps up-voting this comment? This isn’t the comments section of yahoo boards, you know…..

    • Tonididitonem

      You’re a disgusting asshole.

    • Hoarfraust

      You and the 44 people who upvoted your comment are lowlife d-bags. Just saying.

  • Read the story next time.

    This is incredibly biased, considering I just read another news story on a reliable website that says she whacked him with her purse first and they accelerated the car with the INTENTION of running him over, at which point he fired the weapon trying to save his life. Why not call the “mother” out on committed armed assault and grand theft auto with innocent children in the car?

    • Maggie

      Yes, because that’s still a valid reason to shoot her in the neck… Check your own biases first.

    • ipsedixit010

      Isn’t it important to report a story correctly?

      A car can be a deadly weapon. Depending on the situation, it would be valid to shoot someone if they were trying to harm you with their car. It’s not like life is a movie where expert marksmen can shoot out tires and everyone comes away unscathed. I don’t think she was the driver, but if you’re going to get into bed with criminals, then sometimes the consequence is that you get hurt. Let’s not forget this wasn’t her first go around with thievery. She was convicted earlier this year for stealing from another Walmart. Generally, innocent people don’t run out of a place if confronted with shoplifting.

      I think if they would have (i) not been shoplifting in the first place, or (ii) stopped when the guard asked, or (iii) driven directly to a hospital before going to an apartment complex then perhaps she would still be alive.

      Her personal situation is irrelevant. So is the fact that she was “unarmed” with a gun. And that she was a mother. Or that she was “merely” shoplifting and why she was shoplifting (oh, for your kids? well, totally OK then). Once they escalated the situation by trying to harm the guard with a deadly weapon, all bets were off. Hindsight is 20/20, but at that moment, the guard only knows that they almost ran him over.

    • Jawan Terrell

      except for one thing….SHE WASN’T THE DRIVER!! you wasted all of those words for nothing…

    • chickadee

      Yes, apparently another woman (not Frey) threw her car in reverse while the deputy was standing between the car door and the driver, who again was NOT Frey. So the guy doesn’t actually shoot the woman who was endangering his life. Well done, deputy.

      He overreacted. If they were intent on leaving, he should have taken down the license plate and gotten a warrant for their arrest for shoplifting and for assault.

      You cannot arrest Frey for armed assault or grand theft auto. Apparently you have trouble constructing a reasonable argument from the facts.

    • Guerrilla Mom

      Grand theft auto? It was her car. Armed assault? She hit him with a purse. You have no idea what her “intention” was when she accelerated. He shot this woman dead in front of her own two children for petty theft.

    • ipsedixit010

      All other articles state they weren’t her kids. (Great lesson to teach future generations! Taking from others is OK! Disgusting.) Also, she was not the driver, as her friends drove to an apartment complex from the Walmart instead of driving to – I don’t know – a hospital.

      A car can be a deadly weapon, so the fact that they were “unarmed” with a gun is irrelevant. They fled the store when approached, failed to stop when he asked, and then threw the car in reverse knocking the officer to the ground.

      All could have been prevented if they weren’t shoplifting in the first place…or at least stopped when approached.

      I don’t sympathize with criminals. You want to break the law, then accept the consequences. Considering this wasn’t her first time stealing, from a Walmart no less, doesn’t seem like she really cared all that much.

    • TaargusTaargus

      We don’t live in a shoot first and ask questions later society. There is a legal process law enforcement uses to ensure they’re not just murdering innocent people. She stole? Okay, that’s not great. So take her to court and put her on trial. Maybe she serves jail time or something. The point is she’s alive to serve that time. Some 26 year-old with an itchy trigger finger suspects someone of stealing so he has the authority to kill a person? Really? We’re okay with that?

    • ipsedixit010

      No, someone should not be shot simply for stealing. And that’s not what happened here.

      There are two issues – stealing and trying to run someone over with a car, which is akin to using a deadly weapon. They took it to another level when they failed to stop when asked, assaulted the guard, then used a car to try and run him over. If the guard reasonably feared for his life, then I have no problem with him using deadly force to defend himself. If it comes out that he acted inappropriately, then he should be charged.

      But if you’re going to engage in criminal activities, I think it’s obvious you might get hurt – either by an officer, property owner, or shop keeper that wants to defend their property. It’s the nature of the beast.

      Also, the guard has been an officer for 26 years…he’s not a 26 year old.

    • Jawan Terrell

      man, shut up. she was a passenger, not the driver of the car. you sound like the typical sheep that pulls his pants down for the law to do as it pleases with u. regardless of whether or not the lawman is following procedure or not. luckily, the Revolutionaries who fought for our independence from Britain were made of more stuff than you. you’ll surrender all to law enforcement, i bet you’d let them put cameras in your home if they asked, your bedroom too…

    • Guest

      Innocent people don’t run. Period. She had a track record and this wasn’t her first time stealing. And of couse, they WERE stealing here. Unless the police planted it! (sarcasm) But I’m sure for you you think it’s completely ok to take what isn’t yours. If someone gets in your way, just run them over and cry about it later. Anything else would be taking it from the lawman, right? Rules don’t apply to you? This is why people carry guns in the first place.

    • Jawan Terrell

      and the cop obviously didn’t learn anything in the target practice classes considering he couldn’t aim for the proper person under pressure. you shoot a passenger, guess what? the car is still going to move, and you’ve worsened the situation by increasing the panic elvel of the driver

    • Guest

      Guess she didn’t learn anything the last time she stole from them. Oh we’ll. Her kids will be the ones paying for her idiotic mistakes now.

    • Jethro Clampett

      ur an a-wipe walmart will be paying plenty nit wit.

    • Hank

      I gotta give the guy some credit, as if he was off balance after almost being run over, the fact he one out of three is not bad in my mind. Yes I agree, a perfect shot would have got all three crackers and not injured the children so that they could learn from their parents mistake and realize that hey crime does not pay. Stop whining for this crackhead mother.

    • Jethro Clampett

      you’re a nit wit not a forensic expert. give it a rest a-whole.

    • Hank

      what planet are you from Taargus.. She was a shoplifter until one of them hit the officer and then attempted to run him over. Only sad part here is that he only got the one cracker and not all three. Good friends though they run to an apartment complex, maybe to hide their crime. Gee could have stopped and got medical attention for your so called friend. Friends like that, who needs an enema… or enemies.

    • AlbinoWino

      So if your kid lifted something from a store you would agree that it would be justifiable for them to be shot dead for that poor judgement? Jesus, what old school world are you living in? Let’s cut off their hands and go back to hanging people while we’re at it.

    • ipsedixit010

      She wasn’t shot for shoplifting, she was shot because she was a passenger in a car that tried to run someone over while fleeing.

      If my kid tried to run someone over, then yes, I would think that it would be justifiable to be shot. Poor decisions can result in unintended consequences. If my kid ran a stop light while drunk and killed someone, he should be charged even if it was “poor judgement.” If my kid broke into someone’s house to steal and a homeowner shot him, then it would be a result of his “poor judgement.” If my kid hit someone so hard they were paralyzed, then he should be punished for his “poor judgement.” Poor judgement doesn’t make you immune to consequences.

    • AlbinoWino

      There is a difference between holding someone accountable (i.e. going to jail, getting fined, doing community service, etc) and being killed for what is in reality a more petty crime. All it sounds like we have thus far is this security guard’s account and I honestly hope he loses his job at the very least. For all we know he is making this crap up to cover his butt like Trayvon Martin’s killer. We don’t live in a police state where people need to be hunted down for petty crimes. He did the wrong thing hands down. Security guards in stores shouldn’t be armed. There is a reason why most stores have a shoplifting policy that forbids their employees from pursuing shoplifters out of the store and so forth or engaging them in a way that could be dangerous for anyone. This kind of outcome is the reason why they have such policies. Of course it’s wrong to steal but why let it escalate and escalate? Was it worth this woman dying for some crappy merchandise? This isn’t just cut and dry about accepting consequences. It’s about someone doing something wrong and a person entrusted with providing “security” acting in a way unbecoming. This woman would still be alive if he had chosen to call authorities instead of pursuing them. Just because someone is in a position of power doesn’t mean they are immune from consequences themselves.

    • Ipsedixit010

      Innocent people don’t flee a store and innocent people don’t run for their house instead of going to a hospital or stopping when their friend is injured. People shouldn’t be shot for petty crimes, but that’s not the case here. They were shot because they tried to run over someone. And considering they are repeat! thieves who ran after their friend was shot, I’m inclined to believe the guard over them. The problem with committing crimes is that people tend not to see you as all that trustworthy. I’m sure there is plenty of surveillance footage outside and inside the Walmart. If the guard was in the wrong, by all means, charge him.

      The difference between these thieves and Trayvon is that Trayvon did absolutely nothing wrong. Trayvon was protecting himself from a threat, just like the guard was doing here.

    • Elle

      Ipsedixit010 I agree with you on everything you have said. She may not have been the one driving, but these 3 “grown women” had a plan and put it into action. The 2 kids were put at risk, but the officer is not the one that should be held accountable for putting those kids at risk or PROTECTING his own life. The driver not only committed petty theft she committed attempted murder. Trying to run someone over with a vehicle is just as bad as someone carrying a gun and pointing it at someone you have a very high chance of being shot for pulling a gun. People would not be saying this officer was in the wrong if he had pulled these women over and they tried hitting him with their vehicle once he had them pulled over. It does not matter what crime was committed before the driver tried to run over this officer. Once she tried committing murder the officer had every right to protect himself. The “adults” should have thought about their actions before getting into the car with the 2 children inside the car. They knew what they were doing and sadly these 2 children will live life with flashbacks of this incident because of the irresponsibility of 3 “adults”

    • Hank

      Damn straight, she is likely a repeat offender, not just once as mentioned. Career criminal with her so called friends and oh yes the kids in the car, hey lets go steal and make some money to maybe buy some crack. Looking at her pic, she looks like a cracker. So good one more useless human being out of the gene pool who needed to go, what is the problem….

    • Hank

      Hey Albino, he was the authority… Basically some here would say let her go… to steal again and again or commit whatever crimes she needs for her so called family. Her kids should have been removed from her after her first try with the courts, i am confident she had more than one. She is dead, one more out of the gene pool who needed to go. Way to go officer. you missed the other two though… 1 out of three not the best average shoot..

    • Hank

      Hey albino maybe you are onto something, capital punishment for capital crimes wow, may not deter, but would sure curb repeat offenders… from coming back. I like it, good one.

    • Jethro Clampett

      ipse you’re a big mouth a-whole stfu

    • Hank

      stopped being petty theft when they try and kill the cop getting away. oh so sad for the cracker. too bad he missed her two friends. Punk ass bitches

    • AlbinoWino

      She wasn’t driving the car. And in any event, why was a security guard pursuing shoplifters with a loaded weapon? I won’t justify shoplifting but I hardly see it an offense worthy of being shot in the neck and bleeding out in front of 2 children in the backseat

  • Guest

    Well, at least she’s not around to steal from them a THIRD time. I bet she was a real “great person.” Isn’t that what they always say?

    Good riddance, criminal.

    • AlbinoWino

      I should hate to think if you had a child who did something like steal because then you’d tell them they deserve to die. Seriously, go crawl back into your cave troll.

    • hanks

      dont do the crime if you cant do the time…

    • Emmali Lucia

      No where in the world do people get a death penalty for stealing. Don’t even talk about how in the Middle East people get their arms cut off because that’s been debunked a million times.

    • Jethro Clampett

      It would be useful for you to be “not around” you add a $hitty quality to the gene pool based on your ability to reason, nit wit.

  • Byron

    If you run from the police you risk your life, it make sense to me. This “perfect mother” should have lead by example and acted orderly and lawfully. Even if we were to accept the fact that she had to steal to feed her family, once confronted, a “perfect mother” would NOT try to escape but would instantly confess her sins and willingly accept her punishment, realizing that while it is an unjust world, she did break the law and deserves to pay for it.

    Instead, what did she do? She tried to run away like a common criminal. Not quite what my image of a “perfect” anything would depict, to be honest.

  • K.

    This is sort of irresponsible Internet-journalism mayhem. There’s no way to sort out the full story at this point. Maybe he did fire in self-defense; maybe the driver put the car in reverse by accident because she was panicking or maybe she really did intend to mow him down; maybe they didn’t realize how badly Frey had been hurt when they stopped at the apartment or maybe they were just self-interested and stupid. Maybe Campbell was racist and a misogynist; maybe he wasn’t trained properly…

    Maybe, maybe, maybe. At the end of the day, it sounds like the tragic result of an escalation between two parties.

    I’m really disappointed in this story on this site. It seems to just participate in the media fracas at best and at worst, assumes it’s relevant simply because Frey was a mother, even though the story itself and what happened to Frey has nothing to do with parenting. Did she “deserve to die”? No. But that’s only because being shot at for shoplifting at Walmart is overkill–NOT because she was a particularly wonderful person or because she had a sick child or because she was poor. Being shot and killed for shoplifting would still be overkill, even if it happened to a childless, white, middle-class man.

    • Ugh

      Not overkill if they’re black. Don’t people get that by now?

  • Rich McKee

    Stealing meat and clothes… wonder he was in fear of his life….these are the types of career criminals that are kill ‘Merica…..DIE SCUM!

  • ladybell

    you a dumb b****

    • ladybell

      this comment was meant for the truth

  • rcgallimore

    I love how people immediately pull the race card. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, brown, pink, or purple. If she wasn’t breaking the law…she’d still be alive. And this wasn’t her first time so she wasn’t the “perfect” person her dad says she was. Makeup is could get 2 gallons of milk for the same price of mascara so she wasn’t making good financial decisions. Maybe that’s why she was hard up for money.

    • rainlily

      Okay you can buy makeup from the cheap brands for like 2.50, and it lasts for almost a year. HORRIBLE financial decisions, right.

  • DKautzer

    When keepin’ it real goes wrong.

  • Anonymous

    These women were completely wrong. Do I think Ms. Frey deserved death? Absolutely not. If they would not have been shoplifting in the first place NONE of this would have happened. On the other hand, if the officer was at one point standing in the doorway of the car, didnt he notice there were children in there? Why was he even shooting at the car knowing there were children in it? Both sides were wrong…but again, if the women would not have been stealing NONE of this would have happened.

    • Hank

      Really, what a good one. Take your kids with you when you steal and no one can touch you, but you can do whatever you want to get away including if needed running over the cop.. Guard, etc. Anonymous this crack ho so called perfect mother was far from it. She needed to get out of the gene pool. Her two co horts too. Save a bunch of taxpayers money. Sorry no pity from me. If one of the kids would have been hit, I would have had some sympathy for them, but I would direct my anger towards the three crackers who brought them with them to commit a crime. End of story.

  • IdahoRenegade

    I hope the deputy wasn’t injured.

    Hopefully the deceased criminal’s accomplices are charged with felony murder. They committed multiple crimes that resulted in her death. First, the theft. Second, failure to stop when directed to do so by a LE officer. Third, feloneous escape (I believe is the charge). 4th, either attempted murder or assault with a deadly weapon for trying to run over the cop. They created the situation in which their fellow criminal was killed…hopefully they do the time for it.

    I suppose child endangerment could be added as well. What kind of “person” takes their children with them when they go on a crime spree?

  • mary urech

    How could she be down and out and afford that much make-up? Plus, they were trying to run down the officer with their car. And the mother is delusional if she thinks you can just shoot out a tire.

    • Emmali Lucia

      I’m betting that picture isn’t super current.

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  • Really people?

    “He claims that he eventually drew his gun because he was “between the car door and the driver’s seat and feared for his life.” Yeah, because if the police give a statement like that it’s GOT to be true. I really doubt that shit; and to all the comments aimed at Ms. Frey’s appearance-really? Really? How juvenile, honestly. I’m so sorry to her and the kids, couldn’t even IMAGINE to think about how I’d feel if my mother was killed right in front of me. Think about that shit; her blood probably got all over their clothes too…oh god. Will it ever end?

  • Lady Stoneheart

    She was a Frey. The Gods have spoken. Never break guest right.

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