Baby Bath Seat Recall Makes Me Think Parents Are Getting Dumber And Dumber

Recalls of children’s products are serious business. Usually, I take them very seriously. I want to make sure I am providing the safest environment for my child. But recalling a baby bath seat due to a “drowning hazard” makes me wonder. Are there actually parents who would leave their children unattended in a bath? There can’t be – right?

BabyCenter News reports the company Dream On Me has announced a recall of about 50,000 bath seats in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

The bath seats fail to meet federal safety standards for stability. The seats can tip over, posing a drowning hazard. The company has received five reports involving the bath seats, including one report of a baby nearly drowning. The baby did not require medical treatment.

Um, what? How in the world would a baby nearly drown in this thing if a parent was present? I’m searching my brain for an answer and honestly I am at a loss. I thought it was just assumed that if there were a product that involved being used around water, presence of a parent and parental ability to assist the child were a must. No?

The company does not make any claims that this product provides a safer alternative than bathing baby without it. It simply claims to “make it much easier to bathe your baby.” This is probably true. Holding a squirmy, wet baby is not easy.

In any case, the CPSC recommends if you have one of these baby seats, you should stop using it immediately and contact Dream on Me for a replacement seat or tub. The CPSC website has a complete list of the recalled model numbers. For additional information, contact Dream On Me at (877) 201-4317 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern time Monday through Friday, or visit the company’s website.


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  • Blooming_Babies

    Sigh… That’s it we must start licensing people to have children. These kids need protection from people not products

    • Jessie

      God, I have been saying this for YEARS. Good to see there’s someone out there who sees the merit in the idea!

    • Sara610

      My older sister and I are both adopted, and before my parents were allowed to adopt us they had to take parenting classes, have multiple home visits, background checks, etc. I’ve always wondered why one must go through such a stringent process to prove their worthiness to be an adoptive parent, but any moron with a uterus or testicles is allowed to breed.

  • chickadee

    To be fair, there is a bit more to the story about these bath seats. They have suction cups on the bottom which ought to secure the seat to the bathtub, which is the sort of setup that we always used. The CPSC report notes that the hazard is that “[t]he
    bath seats fail to meet federal safety standards, including the
    requirements for stability. Specifically, the bath seats can tip over,
    posing a risk of drowning to babies.”

    It would appear that the suction cups either don’t work, or the base isn’t designed properly and is too narrow to ensure the safe use of the product. Because they really should not tip over in the bathtub….

    • Kat

      True…but if a parent was right there then when it began to tip the parent could catch the child or if they have slow reflexes the child would be under water for only seconds. If a child is nearly drowning either the parents are blowing it out of proportion or they weren’t paying attention or weren’t around. I’m sure a squirmy wet baby has slipped from mom/dad’s hands before.

    • chickadee

      Of course parents should always supervise water use. But these aren’t supposed to tip over at all, based on design, so why object to a recall?

    • Ellie

      OR people aren’t using it properly and securing the cups. But people ALWAYS use products correctly, right?

    • chickadee

      Of course not. But since there are other products out there that are of nearly identical design that are not, apparently, tipping over, then it is fair to assume that this one has a design flaw.

  • Ronna Jones

    I had two of these for my twins and I loved them. I wish I still had them !