Soulless Scum Running Daycare Center Allegedly Rapes Infants & His Wife Did Nothing

arrestIf the allegations against him are true, John Burbine of Wakefield, Massachusetts is a monster. That is the only appropriate word I can think of to describe someone who would rape children, some as young eight days old. The only bright spot in this story is that this man is behind bars now, and will hopefully stay there for the rest of his life.

According to the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s office, John Burbine has been raping and abusing dozens of children who attended his daycare and tutoring service. The unlicensed business was shut down in August. Burbine, who was a convicted sex offender, had been running the childcare center with his wife, Marian. She was charged with reckless endangerment of children for letting her husband care for kids without any other adults present.

Here is the nauseatingly long list of crimes that Burbine is being charged with:

More than 100 counts of charges related to rape and sexual abuse of more than a dozen young children, including 40 counts of aggravated forcible rape of child, 17 counts of aggravated indecent assault and battery on a child, 12 counts of posing a child in a state of nudity, 11 counts posing a child in sexual conduct, 13 counts possession of child pornography, two counts dissemination of material harmful to a minor and operating an unlicensed child care program.

Stories like this make every decent human being on the planet weep, or maybe scream with anger. Our entire team has been sick since hearing about this despicable case of child abuse. Our hearts and prayers go out to these children and their families.

John Burbine was already a sex offender, though he was only a “Level 1″ offender and therefore would not show up on any sex offender registry. So parents researching their childcare provider would have had no idea of his previous crimes. The Department of Children and Families had investigated allegations against Burbine in 2005 and 2009, yet he still managed to avoid jail time and continue molesting children.

Even with this history of problems, Burbine’s wife Marian agreed to open up an unlicensed childcare center with her husband. She let him spend time with young children alone, with no other adults presents. If the allegations are true, she stood back and let a monster attack innocent kids, turning a blind eye to their suffering and her husband’s crimes.

The entire city of Wakefield, Massachusetts has to be reeling with shock and horror. Hopefully they will come together to support the victims and their parents. That is all that anyone can do after hearing about such atrocities. These stories have a way of making us all feel helpless and disgusted. Let’s try to also be thankful that this monster is behind bars, where he cannot reach another child ever again.

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  • Ashley Austrew

    The rage I feel when I read something like this is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. God, what a sick fuck. Excuse my language, but there is just no other way to describe how horrible and disgusting this man is.

  • alice

    i live in Wakefield. we are a small town. it’s completely horrible. and completely outrageous that these people ran a daycare. it makes me sick to talk about. these people make me sick.

    Burbine was a Level1 Sex Offender. He had THREE CONVICTIONS from 1989 for indecent assault and battery of a child. How the F—K his deranged wife thought they should run a child-care service is beyond everyone. We are all speechless.

    And the continued rollercoaster of allegations and investigations agasinst this man? For years?!

    DCF investigated Burbine in 2005 and 2009, each for allegations of molesting a 5 and 7 year old boy, respectively. The allegations were “un-prosecutable” so nothing came of it. I don’t believe that they were running the daycare at that time. These were just other poor victims, like his early ones.

    In July, DCF was investigating yet ANOTHER charge of molestation against Burbine. This lead to a investigation of the childcare business, determining it was unlicensed, and ordering it to be shut down.

    Then a larger investigation into Burbine generated a dozen more alleged victims to come forward.

    The whole thing is so incredibly gross. I know we’re supposed to try to stay as impartial as possible. I know we’re supposed to use words like “alleged” and “accused.” But for F–K’s SAKE, HE WAS A CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER. WHY WERE HE AND HIS WIFE RUNNING A CHILD CARE SERVICE? WHY WAS HIS WIFE RELEASED ON A MEASLY $1000 BAIL?

    sorry for yelling…

    • LindsayCross

      There is absolutely no apology necessary for yelling. I’ve been doing it all morning. I’m so sorry that your community is going through such a horrible ordeal. Stories like these are just so disturbing. Sometimes, we have every right to yell.

  • Carmen Martin

    I hope they nail the wife’s ass to the wall as much as they do his. What a heartless bitch to choose her pedophile husband over innocent children.

  • Kate

    Perhaps my reaction is crass, but, HOW IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE TO RAPE AN INFANT?

    Am I missing something here? Nobody wants to think about it, but, those parts don’t fit! Wouldn’t that cause some serious damage to the baby? And nobody noticed? It is DEFINITELY not the parents’ fault, but at the same time, how did nobody (parents, wife, doctors, others) notice the damage that MUST have caused to the infants’ genitals?

    • JewelEyedGamerGirl

      You can, it does, just not very much of it, and yes it would. My dad was a police officer on a child abuse taskforce. I learned some horrible things about the world.

  • Melody Gray

    I will never understand why people caught with marijuana, even large amounts, get lots of prison time yet people like this walk among us. NEVER. Who would you rather live next to?

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