Birthday Card For 13-Year-Old Girl Stresses Rich BFs, Diamonds, & Big Boobs In Fell Swoop

It’s pretty much a given that shopping for virtually anything for 13-year-old girls is precarious ground. This particular birthday in a young girl’s life brings out the absolute worst in our hypersexualizing culture, as everything from Halloween costumes to even underwear is used as fodder to crank up a very artificial and contrived sexuality on girls.

But this particular birthday card manages to squeeze in not just the importance of having a wealthy beau, but also having big “boobies” to woo him with so that he’ll hand over those diamonds and rubies — the true objective of any courtship.

Talk about grand wisdom to impart to your newly minted teenager. I realize we’re not fishing for pearls of absolute wisdom when we sift through Hallmark for last-minute birthday cards, but is it too much to ask that the kid not be told to put her money where her “boobies” are?  Can we at least wait until the inside of the birthday card to hit me with a couple of these deeply problematic and colossally sexist messages? No, better to have all that right up front so that I know not to even bother considering this for any young girl I know. Ever.


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  • BrendaKilgour

    can you enlighten us as to the publisher of said card, so we can be sure never to give them another nickel? thank you.

    • Worthmorethanmyboobs

      Hallmark. They claim it was an accident, that it is a 15 year old design that mysteriously reprinted itself and went unnoticed as it was packaged, transported, and stocked on shelves. Hmmm…

    • trixiya

      accident, my patoot!
      isn’t this a worldwide company, pretty much monopolizing the printed-card industry, as it stands?
      i understand creating a buzz to get more attention, but this is just ridiculous.
      and then they show those goody-goody holiday specials and MOWs…

    • Tinyfaeri

      lol…because it’s a totally appropriate card for a 15 year old. That makes it OK. Sigh.

    • Worthmorethanmyboobs

      I believe they meant the design itself was 15 years old; it was created 15 years ago. Still, the fact that it was designed at all baffles me.

    • Worthmorethanmyboobs

      Okay, in Hallmark’s defense, they say that it was a card produced by a company they purchased, and would never have passed their guidelines. They are trying to find all the cards still in circulation and get them off shelves.