Stellar Boyfriend Says It’s Cool He Left The Baby Home Alone Because His Pit Bull Is Watching It

I believe a strongly-worded breakup should be on the immediate to-do list for the girlfriend of 41-year-old James R. Irvine of Palm Coast, Florida — the man who equated his pet pit bull with “babysitter.”

Msnc reports that Irvine has been arrested on one charge of child neglect after leaving his girlfriend’s 10-month-old home alone while he went to a bar. The mother had left her infant in the care of Irvine while she was at work. But after she was unable to get through to her boyfriend over the phone (he eventually picked up and said “I’m watching the game”), she came home to discover this awesome sight:

The woman said she found Irvine trying to get into the house and that he was urinating on himself, according to the report.

But wait for it:

He admitted to his girlfriend that he had been having a few drinks, but told her the baby wasn’t alone because their pet pit bull was watching it, deputies said.

The little baby was found crying inside a room with the door closed. But that dutiful pit bull was reportedly sitting right outside of it, according to police reports.

An employee at the bar confirms that she served Irvine one Bud Light and five Coronas during his bar visit that afternoon — which probably makes him as about able to adequately care for a 10-month-old as that pit bull.

(photo: Kazlouski Siarhe/ Shutterstock)

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  • Rob-Ruthanna Hardwick

    Good dog! Bad boyfriend!

  • drmantistoboggan

    His “pet pit bull?” Do you call other peoples’ dogs their “pet chihuahuas” or “pet lab mixes?” You’re phrasing it like someone who owns a “pet tarantula” or “pet python.” Of course, I suppose you think that “pet pit bulls” need to be distinguished from the default kind of “pit bull”- the vicious, fighting, brain-swelling monster who pushes down little kids on street, smokes cigarettes on school grounds, and steals old ladies’ credit cards.

    The problem is not that the baby was left with “one of THOSE dogs,” (those icky icky pit bulls that are totally unfit to be “pets”) The problem is that some moron left a baby home alone so they could go get snookered! If the guy didn’t have a dog, he probably would have said that the wall clock was watching the baby.

    Kudos on not using the same photo of a chained dog baring its teeth that everyone seems to recycle whenever any news story mentions those “pit bulls,” I suppose.

    • waffre

      Well, *I* would have said “pet lab mix” because it helps to visualize, which is important for some readers, but I didn’t write the article.

    • Shea

      I get mentioning the dog’s breed once, since as you say it helps the reader visualize, but the fact that the dog is referred to throughout the article as “pet pit bull” makes in clear that the author considers all pits to be vicious, dangerous creatures. It doesn’t matter what the animal’s breed was, what matters is that the boyfriend is an idiot.

    • waffre

      Yeah, now that I read it again, you have a point.

    • Makabit

      I think, in fact, that I’m relieved it was a pit, rather than a golden retriever. Pit bulls are quite bright, and very protective. Unfortunately, not having opposible thumbs still makes you a less-than-perfect babysitter, although I imagine the pit was doing his best.

  • wmdkitty

    TBH, the kid was probably safer with the dog than with the boyfriend.

    • LiteBrite

      I thought the same thing, especially considering the dog was “sitting dutifully outside of the door.” At least the dog knew enough to keep an eye on the baby.

  • Lastango

    When it comes to boyfriends, girlfriend needs a reality check. Owning a pitbull is a bad, bad sign.

    • ladycrim

      Every Pit Bull I’ve ever met – and there have been plenty – have been wonderful, friendly, cuddle-loving lap dogs. Unless the dog was trained to be vicious, the baby was in greater danger from being sat on than being mauled. The “bad, bad sign” here is not his choice of pet, but that he figured said pet could watch a baby while he went out and got plastered.

    • Rattata

      I have a Doberman and a Rotweiller, guess I’m big trouble ooooo >:/

    • chippythehero

      I disagree. I own a Pittie mix myself as an upstanding 25 year old who is well established within my community. Have a good job, live in a great place, have a steady SO. You shouldn’t judge people by what kind of dog they have. My dog is probably nicer than you are!