You Know You’re Carrying A Royal Baby When You Plan Your Pregnancy Around The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

The case can be made that Kate Middleton knew what she was getting into when she legally bound herself to the Royal Family back in 2011. But with news that she and Prince William “timed” their pregnancy around the Queen’s 60th anniversary of assuming the crown party, I think we’ve just gotten a new window into what takes priority in Buckingham Palace.

People magazine reports that the couple apparently didn’t want to steal Great-Grandmother’s thunder with an adorable newborn:

Not surprisingly, the pair timed the pregnancy so as not to overshadow the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, nor to disrupt a major foreign tour.

“I don’t think anything is left to chance,” says Majesty editor Ingrid Seward. “Kate is probably one of the most organized [royal] women we’ve ever known.”

Queen Elizabeth II is certainly no dull crayon if even she knows that a royal baby will keep eyes firmly off of her — no matter how many diamonds she is wearing. Still, the very image of Kate Middleton penciling in “GET PREGNANT” like a manicure appointment, and then being anxiety-riddled that her due date might be rubbing up a little too close to a press tour of all things sounds colossally unappealing. Goodness forbid you “disrupt” a tour with something like a pregnancy. Does your uterus have no respect for other people? But I guess all of this is just the sort of thing that women of her caliber of limelight knowingly sign up for.

William must be a hell of a guy to be worth all of this.

(photo: WENN)

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  • ipsedixit010

    You just quoted a tabloid so that you could jump on a soapbox. Congrats!

    I mean, come on. Were William and Kate forced – forced! – to forgo a baby until after the Jubilee? Did the palace threatened to disown the popular second in line and his lovely wife if they were to think of getting pregnant? Was that not in the tabloid? No? Maybe they wanted to enjoy married life for a bit before starting a family.

    Pregnancies have happened during jubilee years. The Queen’s first grandchild was born during her silver jubilee. Another great-grandchild was born in March of this year. Somehow I don’t think the Queen is worried about pregnancies or other events distracting attention off her.

  • jsterling93

    So does the fact I timed my pregnancy around my “slow” time of year for work mean my office is holding my uterus hostage?

  • Sarah

    Princess Diana and Prince Charles timed Will’s birth in between foreign tours. People time babies for all sorts of reasons. I see no story here.

  • chickadee

    Women plan pregnancies all the time around their jobs and their husbands’ jobs — avoiding having a birth collide with a major career obligation or event is fairly common. Kate’s job is being a princess, so it’s not too surprising that they’ve planned this pregnancy to suit their schedules.

  • Blueathena623

    Man, do you know how many teachers try to plan babies for early June?