Prince William Went To Visit Pregnant Kate In The Hospital, Did Not Bring Her Balloon Bouquet

The Duchess Of Cambridge is on her second day in the hospital with severe morning sickness, and her husband Prince William arrived in a green Land Rover and did not speak to the media. He had nothing with him, no bouquet of flowers or balloons, no teddy bear holding a sign that read “I am bear-y sorry you are puking your guts out whilst pregnant with our first child.” From the BBC:

William spent Monday with Kate, after her admission led to the couple announcing she was expecting a child.

The duchess, who is thought to be less than 12 weeks pregnant, is expected to remain at King Edward VII hospital in central London for several days.

The news has prompted congratulations from across the UK and the world.

No due date has been announced for the baby, which will be third in line to the throne after Prince Charles and Prince William.

On Tuesday morning, the father-to-be arrived at the private hospital in a green Land Rover, heading straight in to see his wife without speaking to the media.

I suppose he could have had a pocketful of diamonds with him or something, because as every woman knows, one does not visit someone in the hospital without bringing with a present!

Because The Duchess is said to be less than 12-weeks-pregnant, you can expect so many more pregnancy stories to come! Some of my favorite ones have been speculation on what she will name the baby (Mayhaps Elizabeth if it is a girl!) and where exactly the conception took place, ew. I’m sorry, but I have zero interest in knowing where and when and how this royal baby came to be, and instead I will just be pretending that Kate Middleton became pregnant by magic! Various news sources are claiming that the baby should be due sometime in May, which means that I’m going to have to load up on cocaine      espresso well before then, because I won’t be sleeping for that entire month. I covered Snookie’s baby, I covered Adele’s baby, and I am not going to miss this royal baby.

Are any of you readers expected to deliver around the same time? I need to speak to Koa and see if we can also feature a story on a non-royal who gives birth on the same day as Princess Kate! Actually, I should ask Koa if she can rent me a flat in London so I can be there to bring you the story as it breaks. Until then, we will all just be waiting on tenterhooks and reporting any new royal baby news we get, such as what Beyonce gifts the heir and whether or not Princess Beatrice wears an absurd hat to the royal baby shower.

(photo: pcnnews)

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  • Justme

    I just hope the labor and delivery will have the same coverage and fanfare as the wedding. I would get up again at 4:00 to watch that. ;)

  • Michelle

    I’m due the end of May and I’m 15 weeks so I doubt if she’s less than 12 weeks that she’s going to have the baby before June. I’m certainly not a royal so I’ll keep you guys updated if we happen to share the same day haha

    • Rebecca

      I was about to say, I’m 15 weeks pregnant and due at the end of May. There’s no way she could have a due date in May and not be 12 weeks and then some. I would guess she’s due in July, depending on where exactly she is before the 12-week mark.

      The article I read yesterday said that she has HG, which is sometimes indicative of twins. I know I’ve seen tabloid headlines at the supermarket saying she’s having twins, so I’m wondering if that’s starting already. My guess is that she has already had an ultrasound, which would likely determine if there are multiple babies, and the official announcement would be vague about it (it said she was expecting “a baby”). Anyway, I’m wondering if that’s the next big thing to speculate on, whether or not they’re having more than one baby or not, and then it’s a disappointment if they only have one.

  • Emma.

    How about we drop the jokes about a serious illness. Hmm?