Hilary Duff Is Really Jazzed About Being Back In Her Skinny Jeans Post-Baby

Mother of one, Hilary Duff, has taken quite a bit of flack for not looking like a freshly airbrushed Victoria Beckham following the birth of her son, Luca. In response, the actress has been pretty vocal about being in no hurry to get all bean pole on us. But just eight months later, Duff is back in those skinny jeans and she really, really wants you to know about it.

The 25-year-old was seemingly so proud of her weight loss that she tweeted those size 26s for all the world to see:

I’m sure Rag & Bone appreciates the postpartum plug as well, Hilary. Along with her weight loss trophy, the actress tweeted:

Yaaaa bitches! @gabejohns your kickin my ass and its paying off! Skinny jeans! LETS GO!

Here, Duff cites her trainer — definitely a privileged baby weight losing asset — Gabe Johns. Gabe reporting had the new mother doing everything from boxing to sprinting to jump roping. Not to mention twice a day work outs. That’s right — as in hitting the gym two times in one actual day after you’ve had a newborn. Sounds like a very, very active  — and expensive — way to spend those postpartum months. Way to wave that trophy high and proud.

(photo: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

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  • http://www.facebook.com/houde.veronique Véronique Houde

    I’m kinda tired of reading about how you guys give flack to women who want their pre-baby bodies back. Having just had a child a month ago, it was a concern to me to find my body again. Without wanting to go overboard on the eating and working out, I was determined to get my body back. It just so happened that I did, and faster than I thought I would – 2 weeks after giving birth I was able to fit into my old clothes!! And you know what?? I was fucking happy about it!!!! And yes, I did post it to my Facebook! I might be a mom now, but I don’t want that to be the prominent part of my identity. I am still Véronique, and I still want to feel like an attractive woman. I still want to be a professional. I still want to hang out with my friends. It doesn’t make me superficial or selfish. Women who work hard to fit into their skinny jeans deserve not to be given flack by other women. It honestly comes off a bit like jealousy. Hey, I’m not saying you’re jealous. After all, I can’t read your mind. But it sure as hell sounds like it.

  • Blueathena623

    Not going to lie — wish I had the money and time to be able to go to the gym twice a day!

  • samsam

    Celebrity moms cannot win with Mommyish (unless it is Angelina Jolie – she can’t go to the bathroom without a glowing review). If I remember right, Hillary had her baby almost a year ago. It sounds to me like she took her time losing it by Hollywood standards. She should be proud. Especially if she did it the right way rather than a crazy diet or fast so that she could go out in public a week later for a photo op. If she hasn’t been working, I don’t think being away from her baby for twice daily workouts is so bad. Working mothers (myself included) are probably away longer than that. I agree with the other comment- these posts just come off as jealous and snarky.

  • Tinyfaeri

    I don’t know, the day I fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans it’s getting screamed from the roftops, posted on Facebook and possibly an add in the local paper.

  • once upon a time

    Dear Hilary,

    We liked you when you had a bit of junk in the trunk, but now that you’re refusing to comply with our body image standards, you’re dead to us.