Judge Makes Ignorant Decision To Allow ‘Gay Therapy’ In California, Endangering LGBTQ Youth

lgbtq youthThis spring, the state of California took an important step towards protecting LGBTQ youth from dangerous “gay therapy,” supposedly designed to convert homosexual minors into straight-laced, God-fearing heterosexual kids. The state chose to ban these fake “professionals” from attempting to convince kids that their same-sex tendencies were some type of disorder that needed to be cured. Now, a judge has blocked the ban, ridiculously asserting that these medical treatments are protected as “free speech.”

Judge William Shubb was hearing a challenge to the ban from three plaintiffs – two practicing therapists and one aspiring one – who believe that conversion therapy is a valid practice for treating homosexual youth. We say the word “treating” with as much leeway and side-eye as we could possibly give it. Shubb decided that since therapy is mostly just talking, this type of treatment should be somehow covered under the First Amendment.

As a parent, I’m shocked to hear that a licensed professional lying to my child could be considered “free speech.” Considering that therapy is a medical practice, I have no idea how a potentially detrimental therapy technique is any different from a harmful drug sold by a pharmaceutical company. Both mental health treatments and pharmaceuticals should be regulated and deemed safe by the government.

I don’t think that the government of California was attempting to say that these professionals cannot write or talk about “converting gay youth.” I find the very idea abhorrent, but we can’t get rid of other people’s opinions simply because we disagree with them. These therapists have every right to their personal beliefs and to speak those beliefs in a non-professional capacity.

However, we’re talking about medical treatment for children. We’re talking about therapy that has never been proven to work, and instead can lead to depression for kids who are told that they have a problem, who are told to deny a part of themselves. If the government is supposed to keep our children safe, this California law was doing it’s job. Now a judge has stepped in and once against risked the lives of children by allowing such practices to continue.

The conservative legal group fighting against the law says that they’re willing to take this battle all the way to the Supreme Court. They’re willing to fight for the ability to take advantage of impressionable kids and confused parents. Our government and judicial system should not let them win.

“Conversion therapy” is a hoax. It is not free speech. It is bigotry parading as mental health treatment.

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  • chickadee

    I’m not going to disagree with you about the evilness of the “gay therapy” business, since it’s established not to help these teenagers but to reassert certain conservative principles that appeal to a certain type of Christian. It’s for the benefit of the church and the parents, none of whom care to have homosexuals running around near them.

    However, I can see where the legal issues can be difficult to navigate. The New York Times mentions that ‘conversion therapies “have no basis in science or medicine, and they
    will now be relegated to the dustbin of quackery” and that they “have
    driven young people to depression and suicide.”’ All absolutely true. But did you know that there are also Christian therapists and marriage counselors who are licensed and who offer therapy that is tied to Biblical ideas of marriage? They counsel against homosexuality, against divorce, and chide clients for sinful behavior, often making a bad situation worse. What do we do with those? They do a lot of damage as well, and have no basis in science or medicine.

    I hope they can figure out how to ban this conversion therapy, I really do. I’m just glad I don’t have to figure out how.

  • CW

    What about victims of pedophiles? A blanket ban could infringe on treatment that is appropriate for children whose homosexual attraction is due to the trauma they have undergone as opposed to having a biological basis. These children have been victimized once, and need help so that they won’t get caught up in a lifestyle that puts them at much higher risk of catching AIDS and other STD’s.

    • Lo

      That lifestyle is ‘unsafe sex’, not ‘homosexuality’.

    • chickadee

      Victims of pedophiles need a different kind of therapy, one that addresses the undermining of self-esteem, abuse of authority, and trauma associated with this type of rape. And it’s really difficult to prove that a child is homosexual because of abuse. It isn’t going to help anyone to try to tell a victim that he or she is wrong in sexual orientation as well….

    • CW

      According to the Archives of Sexual Behavior, 46% of homosexual men
      and 22% of homosexual women reported having been molested by a person of
      the same gender. This contrasts to only 7% of heterosexual men and 1%
      of heterosexual women reporting having been molested by a person of the
      same gender.” (Marie, E. Tomeo, et al., “Comparative Data of Childhood
      and Adolescence Molestation in Heterosexual and Homosexual Persons,” Archives of Sexual Behavior 30 (2001): 539)

    • Scarlette

      This comment is so offensive. Not only because of how bigoted it is, but because it is a GRADE-A example of an uneducated person trying to pass themselves off as knowledgeable.

      You just quoted a factoid from a journal which was FOUNDED by a man, a well known man if you knew anything about psychiatry and gender identity studies (which you don’t) who argued for homosexuality to be removed from the DSM? Look it up because I’m not telling you what it means and we ALL know you don’t know.

      If you think that you fooled anyone here by posting a research statistic completely out of context, let me tell you: you are wrong. We all know you got it from some “Christian” (I use that word almost ironically. How someone as close minded as you could dare call yourself a Christian, and in a public forum, disgusts me.) message board which spouted this statistic for you.

      Let me guess. You have a little .txt file with all these little gems which you picked up throughout the years thinking it made you look erudite? Please. Anyone with a Bachelors could see right through you. Check your sources.

      This is how I know you’re not a troll. Trolls are generally somewhat intelligent. You are just an intellectual wannabe.

      PS: Dr. Green would be embarrassed that you are using his studies against his own goals. Again, you DO KNOW he was one of the first proponents for homosexual acceptance as a natural condition, and not a mental illness, right? One of the most progressive members of the psychiatric community? Of course you don’t because you just spout research data off without having ever read a single abstract or case study.

    • LindsayCross

      Scarlette, it doesn’t happen often, but here we are again.

    • D.Y

      What the fuck are you talking about? Are you implying that victims of abuse become gay because of it? That sounds like some shit right out of Rick Santorum’s mouth. Abuse victims do not catch “the gays” from an abuser. That may be one of the most ignorant statements that I have ever read. Abuse victims need treatment and counseling, not this type of voodoo shit.
      Like the other posters have said, educating people about STDs comes with educating them about safe sex. Not homosexuality. And to condemn a victim for their feelings after being assaulted, is disgusting.

    • meteor_echo

      If I’ve ever seen ignorant comments here, it’s either from T or you. Every time you say something, the rest of the people facepalm.

    • CW

      Somebody has to defend traditional Biblical values even if they are unpopular in this corner of the Internet. Galations 1:10 “Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to
      please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a
      servant of Christ.”

    • meteor_echo

      Yeah, right, you’re defending “traditional Biblical values” by actually endorsing something that drives kids and teens to suicide. I don’t think that it’s what your religion is approving.

      Also, saying this as a rape survivor – people like you are the ones who shamed me for how I felt after it. We don’t become gay after we’ve been raped, we become miserable, and people like YOU are making us even more miserable. I hope you won’t ever say something this stupid to another rape victim’s face, unless you want somebody to screw your head off your shoulders.

    • Justme

      I am a Christian and when I leave the condemnation of men up to God (with whom the power so rightly resides) it is pleasing to God. When I embrace ALL people and treat them ALL with respect (even when I might not agree with their lifestyle) it is pleasing to God. When I spew hatred and judgment with an air of superiority it is NOT pleasing to God.

      You and your sins are no better and no worse than the rest of us.

    • Meg

      Look! I can quote scripture, too! Mathew 7:1 – Judge not lest ye be judged. And 7:3 – Why behold you the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but consider not the beam that is in your own eye?

      To summarize it for you: make sure you’ve got all your own stuff together before you play the self-righteous martyrdom card. Or is there a secret 67th book of the Bible that promotes internet trolling?

    • once upon a time

      Please stop misrepresenting my God.

    • Justme

      I would assume a trauma counselor would be more appropriate in the wake of abuse than a “gay conversion” counselor.

  • http://twitter.com/JaviiGamero Javier Gamero

    If you want to believe theyre lying ok but all evidence till the end of last year indicates that Homosexuality isnt biological, well they brought a new theory, epigenetics but I have a feeling the research wont find anything, so far they speculated but no proof whatsoever.

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