The Best, Worst & Creepiest Twitter Responses To Kate Middleton’s Pregnancy

Kate Middleton is pregnant! If you thought the royal wedding was huge, this little baby and the obsession sure to follow it will probably blow your mind. Beyonce and Blue Ivy might as well not even exist. This is the one we’ve all been waiting for.

With “Kate,” “Will and Kate,” “Buckingham Palace,” and “RoyalBaby” all trending in the last couple of hours, you already know that Twitter was simply overcome with the-fetus-heard-round-the-world. Low-level comedians were doing their best to get noticed. Celebrity blogs were practically bursting with excitement. The established news organizations were trying to catch up and lend the situation a small bit of dignity.

We decided just to sit back and watch the insanity that is “Major Pop Culture Announcement As Seen On Twitter.” There was some predictable snark. There were plenty of well wishes. And there were some especially icky creepsters just trying to turn the news into something dirty. Here’s the best, worst, and most disturbing.

Classic Disinterested Response

There were plenty of Tweets in the vein of, "Oh my gosh, this shouldn't be news." We can tuck in and prepare to hear these people complain for the next year.

Let's Respect Their Privacy.... Not

I'm not going to lie, I think we at Mommyish would accept that offer. Invite us to the baby shower and we won't write about the Duchess's every move for the next year and a half.

Dig at the Royal Baby Daddy!

Hey, there are two people expecting a child here. Let's be nice to Prince William!

Dig at the Royal Aunt!

Let's lay off Pippa too. The butt thing is pretty played out at this point.

Praise the Royal Uncle!

Everyone still loves Harry.

Baby Twitter Accounts

Of course there are already parody "Royal Baby" Twitter accounts. I'm guessing we'll have at least a dozen vying for attention by the time this piece publishes.

Get Busy Ladies!

That's right, if you get to it quickly, you might be able to share a pregnancy with Kate herself.

We All Remember The Wedding Obsession

Getting up at four a.m. to watch a stranger's wedding was nothing. Just wait until the commemorative plates come out.

Oh, There's That Twitter Creepiness

Twitter has a special brand of inappropriateness all its own thanks to gems like this.

The Maternity/Children's Fashion!

The fashion coverage is about to get intense. We just know it.

Really Intense...

Just look at Vogue UK gearing up.

More Creepiness

I get that you're trying to get noticed in a sea of Twitter jokes, but leave the lady's cervix out of this.


I can't lie. I love a good pun.

Pro Tip From Buzz Bishop

PR professionals everywhere are quickly drafting press releases about every pending divorce or recent arrest in Hollywood.

Oh Look! Another Parody Twitter Page!

Welcome to the world, Royal Fetus.

Gender Prediction

Anderson Cooper was quick to get into the gender predictions!

Voldemort Weighs In

It's not a news story without official, snarky word from the lord of all parody accounts.


I'm kind of proud of Piers Morgan for coming up with such a good point.

Baby Name Predictions

It's not just the gender, let's all guess the name for the next six months. That will be super fun.


And here's the creepiest creep on Twitter today. Congrats for your not-even-funny grossness.
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    • Eileen

      For the social climbers: Don’t forget that Queen Elizabeth II first met David Cameron when he was in a school play with her son Prince Edward. And look where he is now ;)

    • corastacy

      The reaction that made me saddest was one of my friends who lives in london went ” great another royal stealing my tax dollars!”