Mommyish Gift Guide: Top 10 Gifts For Tomboys And Tough Guys

You’ve been warned. We have officially left the pink of Princess Land behind. For this edition of 2012 Christmas gifts for kids, we’re all about the boys and girls who you won’t be found salivating in the Barbie aisle. The tutu stops here. We’re looking down the way to the next aisle. The one covered in G.I. Joe dolls and footballs and action heros. Be mindful of the hurling dodge balls overhead, please.

A simple baseball mit isn’t going to cut it, first and foremost. Our conventional boys and tomboys are living in an age of super techy computer games, talking super hero accoutrements, and cinema-like simulations of Bat-mobiles. So step up and try to take advantage of every gadget-y, 3-D, mega super strong thing 2012 has to offer these kids.

Among the fairly standard homages to wrestling superstars and other more morbid curiosities, there is also some stops in science and history. There’s even some more mild toys for the little boy or tomboy who hasn’t launched into full-on super hero mode yet, but who still favors a train set over a doll set. Trust me, plenty of that ahead.

No girls allowed? More like no fuchsia or sparkles allowed.

I Dig Egyptian Mummy Dig Kit, $12.99

Dead bodies and dirt! A tomboy's dream come true! Dig through this mini archeological dig to reveal your own mummy and then wrap that crap in gauze. For the little boy or girl obsessed with Egyptian history --or just dead things.

Dodge Tag, $29.99

Tag 2.0, if you will. Strike your opponent in a totally safe way one-on-one, or get two packs, invite over four kids, and duck for cover.

Imaginarium City Central Train Table, $149.99

This 17-inch play world is the childhood staple you have yet to bestow upon them. We're talking 23 inches full of trains, heliports, and a station that lights up and make sounds. If you have the room, whether it be in garage or elsewhere, full speed ahead.

Angry Birds Star Wars 5, $9.99

Chewbacca? How are you and your Angry Birds-obsessed kids not in possession of this already? Best part about this plushie is that it's silent. Keep the noise for the actual game.

LEGO Ultimate Building Set - 405 Pieces, $24.59

Santa would have quite the time lugging this lot down the chimney. Among those hundreds of LEGO pieces, you're also getting minifigures, windows, doors and wheels for whatever cool design your kid has in mind. The sky is limit. Plus, storage is all taken care of.

The Everything Kids' Science Experiments Book, $8.95

This is an oldie but goodie, and for a reason. For the little guy or girl who ponders such inquiries like "do toilets always flush in the same direction?" this book contains experiments that can be used with many household goods. Granted, clean up afterwards is kind of a given for every single one of these. Recommended for kids eight years old and up.

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, $19.16

Speaking of LEGOs, let's take it the computer screen, or your Wii or PlayStation or whatever medium you're sporting with this super hero fest. It's kind of like a movie, only an interactive game, and everyone from Batman to the Joker to Superman is in attendance -- but as LEGOs. Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Iron Man 2 Wrist Repulsor, $19.99

Who doesn't love a good superhero accessory? Ward off bad guys with a motion activated light and sheer Iron Man attitude.

WWE Championship Title Belt, $17.99

For kids who fancy themselves wrestling super stars, you can now give them the belt to prove it. Could also be recycled into a future Halloween costumes.

Good Things For Boys, $26.99

For kids aged five to 10 years old, this indoor and outdoor kit includes such "boy" accessories as a wooden balloon boat, juggling balls, pencils, dominoes, glider plane, playing cards, and a small white pad of paper. This New Zealand-made toy looks pretty perfect for future snow days.
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    • meteor_echo

      Damn, those are really awesome!
      You forgot something though: a pogo stick! That thing would send any tomboy jumping above the moon with joy. Pun sort of intended :D