Mommyish Gift Guide: Top 10 Gifts For That Baby Who Doesn’t Even Know It’s The Holidays

Pulling baby gifts come the holidays usually comes down to two categories: a gift actually for the parents or something lame that will be tossed around the crib for a few months only to be bagged up and sent to the Goodwill a year later. Don’t settle on mere teething rings this time around. You can do better!

While throwing together presents for the 18 months and younger set who don’t even know it’s the holidays can seem deceptively simple (onesie, check, booties, check, stuffed animal of some sort, check), you still want to at least aspire to aim higher. Not necessarily hundreds of dollars high, but quality high. You’re making memories here, after all. What you’re mindlessly tossing into your cart could very well be stored away for generations, be worn in memorable photographs, or even be baby’s most beloved treasure down the line — no pressure or anything.

For this gift guide, we have a couple of treats for mommy or daddy, but also some cut above the rest onesies and luxury items. If all else fails, just pick up a roll of $1.99 holiday wrapping paper and present with funny faces. Maybe next year they’ll be old enough for gift cards?

Cashmere baby blanket

Okay, so assuming you're not on Team Baby Cashmere Sweater, how about giving this one a whirl. It's a whopping $228 from J.Crew but baby is likely to get more mileage out of this luxury item than that sweater.

Bunny onesie

Onesies can get pretty generic after a certain point but not this hooded number complete with bunny and polka-dots. The organic item, for the 18 months to three years cohort, will run you $58 in price but you'll get it all back in compliments.

Sophie the Giraffe

The teething staple for babies the world over. Even if he or she is a ways off from teething or even if mommy or daddy already picked one of these up, do them a favor -- buy more. Buy extras for the nursery, to keep in the car, and spares in the bathroom. You just saved those parents an errand. Merry Christmas!

Infant Uggs

Now, just to preface, they're not as costly as you think. These cute little booties only run you $65 and they look absolutely adorable as proved by Maxwell Drew Johnson. That is all.

Bottle drying rack

Granted, this silly gift is more for the parents than baby, but at $17.99 you can afford the chuckle. Everything can be tossed into the dishwasher and you can also place washed pacifiers upon the grass.

Fun On The Farm Stacker

For the baby one year and up and for the Type A mommy or daddy who can't stand toys being strewn about, I propose this stuffed animal stacker. Plush farm animals, made from corduroy and velour, stack neatly in a corner post-play for $39.99.

Moses basket

I know it's not exactly functional, but hell, it's the holidays! Not many parents would pop the $90 for a baby carrier that would only service a baby up to three months old which is precisely why you should! Seriously, it's hand-woven. Maybe keep toys in it when the kid is older?

Cable knit romper

It looks a little fancier than just a basic romper and it's cable knit so the first question will be, "oh, did you make this?" upon which you have the complete license to just smile and nod.

Mushroom rattles

These little guys are apparently made from 100 percent organic yarn and are perfect for teething. They also remind me of Beatles songs. Stocking stuffers for baby!

Mary-Jane sock booties (!!!)

That's pretty much all I have to say about that. $48 through 12 months of age, you guys.
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    • Kate

      This may just be me, but I would never spend so much money on something the baby can only wear for maybe a few months max!

      • bumbler

        I do it regularly. I love expensive baby clothes. They have a good resale value, or better yet, many can become family heirlooms (and used for siblings, of course). We have a whole box of very fine antique baby clothing that has been passed down for generations in my family. I can’t tell you how sweet it is to see my baby in an outfit that I wore as an infant, or that a grandparent wore. It can be done with cheap clothing as well, but the designs tend to go out of style, the quality is much lower, and they might not be cared for as well.

      • chickadee

        Not just you. I bought some good-quality baby clothes, but I bought them on sale. Because of the outgrowing-before-outwearing issue. I still have the nicer clothes in a box, and I have a few dresses that my grandmother made for me when I was a baby, but that’s really for the adults — the baby doesn’t care so much. And who wants to dry-clean a cashmere baby blanket? Apparently there are (elaborate, time-consuming) ways to wash them, but my babies spit up on blankets on a regular basis.

    • DMH

      $228 for a blanket that will end up being puked on? smfh….

    • Katherine

      If you want socks that look like the kid’s wearing shoes, you can get them for a whole lot less than $48! But they are a terribly useful thing for when you want to dress up a baby who’s really too little to bother paying money for shoes.
      Honestly, if the kids are that little, and you REALLY feel like you must spend that much, why not get a little toy and make a contribution to an education fund? Or, as my parents have opted to do, pay for some of the parent/tot classes (swimming, gymnastics, music, etc.) that you think the family would enjoy? Probably a way better bang for your buck than a cashmere baby blanket…

    • Ioanna P.

      Thank you for this great list! Check MISI Handmade Gift Guide for New Babies too!