Mommyish Gift Guide: Top 10 Gifts For Girly Girls And Pink-Loving Boys

Trust me, you need a gift guide for this one. If you have a little guy or girl who likes lots of pink to be happening under their Christmas tree, don’t underestimate that shopping trip. Sure, lace and sparkles can go a long way but that doesn’t inoculate your gift from inciting holiday disappointment. Not any petticoat, tutu, or Barbie video game will do. So pick between the Malibu beach houses carefully.

While princess stuff has the capacity to be utterly lame (and troubling for some parents), a flat out disregard for the aisle can cost you some true gems, even if they’ve been sullied by Disney. And just because you’ll be suiting up to dig in the pink trenches doesn’t mean you should feel confined by the plastic jungle of crap. Not all princess trinkets are created equal, nor do they all necessarily espouse the same message.

Besides, not all girly girls are going to have their femininity defined by the stylings or thoughts of Belle. You’ve got more room to work with than Toys R Us is willing to let on.

So from a girl’s first set of Jane Austen to playing doctor with baby, here’s what I unearthed from the Pepto Bismol-slathered corners of the Internet.

The Thinking Girl's Treasury of Dastardly Dames

With a look at such princess-y types figures like Marie Antoinette, Cleopatra, and Mary Tudor, your princess-loving kid is about to get a good helping of history to go along with their fascination. This illustrated series explores the lives of some of our most powerful and influential women -- big puffy skirt and all. Recommended for ages nine and up. (

Holiday Barbie

She's a classic for a reason. For the girl or boy who can never ever get enough Barbies, there is a new one of these every holiday season and she's a mere 30 bucks. (photo:

Brave: The Game

An interactive game that operates on every gadget you got, from computers to Wii. Kids with a penchant for this Pixar princess can run along the Scotland landscape as many of their favorite characters and engage in totally PG combat. Be Brave, kiddies! (

The Complete Jane Austen Collection

For the precocious reader, a baptism by fire into the world of Jane Austen is one of the best gifts you can possibly ever give. This six hard book collection doesn't only look pretty with its magnetic closure, but also contains fancy illustrations and dainty ribbon bookmarks. Give the gift that is Mr. Darcy. (photo:

The Princess Encyclopedia

Kids aged six and up who like to keep their Disney princess facts straight should like to keep this 128-page volume handy. Where else can you look up Snow White's residence, job, and likes with big gorgeous pictures? (Google, but maybe wait a few years). (photo:

Pet Vet: Animal Hospital Triple Treat

Pretend to be this pink-shirted heroine as you feed, care, and play with bunnies, horses, dogs, and more. Help sickly animals get back on their feet with your growing veterinary expertise. Ideal for the child who is begging for a pet each Christmas and keeps getting "no". (photo:

Little Mommy Doctor Mommy Doll

If she's going to play mommy, let her play doctor in this hybrid doctor kit. Little boys and girls aged three and up can baby their own baby while also checking her temperature, giving her a shot and listening to her heart. (photo:

American Girl Doll

To those who are staunchly against the American Girl doll cult I'll make no attempts to woo you. But this pricey doll is worth the investment -- and I'm not only talking about the money. Between the mini history lessons, well-made outfits, and longevity, you might even be buying the doll for your future grandchildren. (photo:

Three Wheel Doll Jogging Stroller

So your kid is begging for a pram this holiday season? Let her run the jogging track with her baby doll with the real power mommies. Sadly no cup holder for that Starbucks. Jogging shoes sold separately. (photo:


What girly girl can ever have enough tutus? Whether for dress up or simply heading to a playdate, frilly tutus are an absolute must. Grab this discounted set at $18 in four different colors or just stick to the pink. (photo:
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