10 Pictures Proving Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck Are The Most Normal Celebrity Parents On The Planet

Every time we turn around, there’s a news story about Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck, or their kids. Either Violet is telling off the paparazzi or Jen is balancing her kids and her purse all at the same time. (Don’t worry, we didn’t realize that was impressive, either.) And yet, all of these stories are accompanied by pictures of these super normal-looking people.

I mean, we’re supposed to be talking about celebrities. You know, the kind you gawk at. The kind who walk on red carpets everywhere they go. These are A-listers! But there they are, in jeans and tennis shoes, helping their kids and running errands. The Garner-Affleck crew is the most boring bunch of famous people you’ve ever seen.

Honestly, I think if you followed around both Jennifer Garner and me for a day, you’d come up with the same pictures. I mean, the lady is obviously beautiful. But we’d both be walking around in cardigans and flats, clasping on to little hands or lugging around grocery bags.

Don’t believe me? Scroll through the latest paparazzi photos of Garner and family over the last couple months. You’ll see what I mean.

(Photos: WENN)

Farmer's Market

There's the whole family, just headed out for a little produce.


The girls have moved on from ballet and seem to be enjoying weekly karate classes now. One extra curricular at time, just like my daughter. It's not like you can run them to lessons all over town, right?


I mean, maybe Violet and Seraphina get more shopping trips. Still, loving the cardigan.

Running Errands

Oh my Gosh, look at Jennifer Garner's chunky, white mom sneakers. I could head over to Target and see at least two dozen women wearing those shoes.

School Drop Off

Dad, Ben Affleck, gets in on the normalcy.

Back to the Farmer's Market

And correct me if I'm wrong, but that looks like repeat dress from Violet's shopping day. I can't wait until Seraphina wears it a couple years from now. You know this family will do hand-me-downs.

More Karate.

I kind of miss the girls' tutus though.

More Shopping

Is that a nanny? Possibly, but I'm going to guess friend. It just doesn't feel like a nanny family.

More Errands

Just stopping at the post office. No big deal.

Cake Time!

This family even lets its hair down with a completely normal trip to Cake Mix. They might as well be as Yo-Yos.
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