Lady Blogger Slams Mommy Bloggers For Blogging About Mommy Stuff On Their Blogs

Once upon a time there was no Internet. When my first son was born, 16 years ago, I didn’t even have a computer. I got my first computer a year after his birth and all I used it for was sending emails to the only other person I knew who had a computer, which was my sister. I don’t even think the emails we exchanged were that lengthy because the computer was slow and confusing and it took me a long time to get used to it. When I had a question about raising my son, whether it be about behavioral issues or milestones or the best way to deal with an infant with a cold, I either called my mom or read one of the numerous baby books I had. I couldn’t google or ask questions on a message board or blog about my kid. Which is why I’m so thankful that so many moms today use the internet and write so extensively, here at Mommyish and elsewhere, about kids and raising kids and being parents and everything involved with this wonderful and maddening universe of child-raising. But not everyone shares my enthusiasm for parents writing about parenting stuff, like Hayler Rafner, a self-proclaimed ” sassy betch, sarcastic asshole and self-proclaimed pop culture whore” from The Daily Hayley writes about how she received a request at her internship job to research mommy blogs and how even though she thought it would be an “impossible task” she searched google and found many mommy blogs. And she did not care for them.

Mom blog after mom blog, I found myself with a growing hatred for moms everywhere. There’s something about new- wave mothers with Internet access and a quirky head shot that makes me want to deliver multiple swift punches to their throats.

This unique look into the world of mommy bloggers was jarring. To believe that the world of hipsters and Instagram filters was unique to only kids of our generation was naïve because, now, kids of our generation are the moms making these blogs.

These women—who I can only assume are stay at home moms because who has time to sit and make blogs about baby wipes all day—sit in front of their flip cameras and tell readers about all the things moms everywhere are dying to hear. What kind of diapers are the most stylish? How can you bedazzle your baby? How can you get your husband to love carrying around a Baby Bjorn? All of the blogs I came across were mommy- centric, but a few took a turn at multitasking.

Now, before we get too pissy at Miss Rafner for wanting to punch all of us mommies who write about being mommies in the throat, we need to remember that Rafner is a baby herself, in another article she wrote she claims she is “almost 22″ and The Daily Aztec is a college newspaper. Scanning her articles and Twitter feed, she loves her family, The Kardashians, Christina Aguilera and egg nog. All perfectly normal things for almost-22-year-old girls to like. And I’m sort of happy that Haley doesn’t like mommy blogs, because at her age she obviously isn’t ready to become a mommy herself.

But I do know one thing, if Haley ever does decide to become a parent, she will be amazingly thankful to all of the “new-wave mothers” out here writing about diaper wipes and Baby Bjorns. When she is awake at three a.m, trying to soothe a colicky infant or her child is running a low-grade temp on a Sunday morning, she will have an entire village of mommy-bloggers all too ready to offer advice and support. And we won’t even want to punch her in the throat.

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  • chickadee

    I hope this child isn’t considering a profession in journalism, because she seems to lack the capacity for critical thinking and objective analysis that is crucial to that type of credible writing. She has embraced the troubling conflation of opinion-based writing with actual news, and throws in her idea of self-denigration in order, I suppose, to deflect critics of her egocentric style. Her future has very little responsible journalism in it, especially if she ia unwise enough to throw around the words ‘asshole’ and ‘whore’ to describe herself. Maureen O’Dowd would never.

    • LindsayCross

      My favorite comment of the week! “Maureen Dowd would never.”

  • CMJ

    That’s funny, because I read her “articles” and it made me weep for the country’s 20-somethings.

    • Justme

      Oh Lordy. I just read a few of her pieces and she has a lot to learn about the world. As I’m entering my thirties and looking back at how much I “knew” about life at “almost 22″ it makes me laugh. Bless her sweet heart.

  • Justme

    I was starting to really dislike her because of what she wrote………..but then I got to the part where her age was listed. Ohhhhhhh. Gotcha. She’s a college student. That makes much more sense and I know not to take her diatribe seriously.

    And yes, there are women out there that are 21…excuse me, ALMOST 22…who are very responsible and mature citizens but this girl does not seem to be one of them. Yet.

    • once upon a time

      I think shooting your mouth off about things you don’t really know a lot about is a rite of passage during college/university. It just sucks for kids these days because the internet is indelible ink. I’m so grateful that I’ve only got my dad’s ribbing to remind me of my stupid idealistic university beliefs.

  • Carinn Jade

    When I read something like this I am so thankful I believe in karma. The bitchier the better.

  • meteor_echo

    I wish more mommy blogs actually covered things like: child abuse, child education, building relationships with your older children, and raising responsible adults who actually can think for themselves without having their parents’ morals hammered into their heads. But, alas, it’s more important to write about bedazzling, isn’t it? I mean, ferfucksake, I’m 25, I’m not going to have children, and yet, whenever I see the posts about stylish diapers, I just really hope that it’s not the only thing that the authors are thinking about. Then I realize that they probably are.

    • chickadee

      I am pretty skeptical that she couldn’t find an equal number of intelligent blogs out there…I too hate the mommy-in-sparkly-heels approach, but they aren’t all like that. They CAN’T be…..I think she was cherry-picking.

    • meteor_echo

      I have yet to see them. The ones that write about the bedazzled diaper crap are way more vocal, I guess.

    • Justme

      Here’s what I think….I am a mother and I blog but I would not consider myself a “Mommy Blogger” because I don’t write specifically about mothering and my child. But some women choose to write in that niche that concerns motherhood just like others write about politics, the environment, music or science fiction. We all have our place in the blogging world and just because a woman has chosen the focus of her blog on being a mother does not mean that is all she is concerned with in life.

    • 3under3andaphd

      I actually just started a blog about a month ago about navigating a PhDs program with very small children and I touched on the values piece as I was caught off guard by my 3 year old asking about marriage and children–having to quickly decide what I wanted to instill in her about marriage, specifically why and to whom marriage should happen. I, too, wish more people blogged about difficult topics–though they are out there if your willing to comb through some of the nonsense.

  • justhypatia

    I’m not exactly impressed with the “almost 22″ excuse being provided here for her dim-witted hostility.

    When I was “almost 22″ I was writing a thesis paper on societal changes and impacts of breastfeeding culture. Being in your early twenties doesn’t mean you have to be completely oblivious about the elements of life that impact most women.

  • hihilala

    I’m 21 and I also had to research mommy blogs for an internship when I was 19. I actually enjoyed them….it’s this whole world I had never even thought about before. I mean, I read Mommyish regularly…. and no I don’t want kids until I’m at least 32. I just find it really interesting, and I love how Mommyish especially talks about ways to raise kids. I feel like when I have a kid or two I’ll sort of have an idea of what it’s like. I will say though, that all of this started (the research, I mean) like a month after I had to have an abortion. It made me upset at first, but it sort of helped me address my emotions about it. I felt so guilty, but wasn’t ready to have a kid…..for some reason mommy blogs made me feel better. Almost like when I’m ready, it won’t be a waste. When I find out I’m pregnant I’ll be happy rather than filled with dread, and I’ll raise that baby like a pro. Also, it’s unacceptable for ANYONE to like the Kardashians, regardless of age. Just sayin’.

  • the_bossy_bitch

    Speak for your self, I want to punch her in the throat. Oh know, shes getting paid to browse the web and read. the horror!!!!!! Most 3rd graders can do that. I hate ignorant stupid people. You don’t like mom blogs fine, you know what I don’t like? Dumb people. I’ll stop blogging about kid stuff when she goes and dies. One less stupid person. I don’t like child porn and animal abuse but it can still be found on the web. Who cares about mom blogs when there are worse things on the internet. I also love how she assumes these people are all stay at home moms who sent do anything. But thats a conversation for a different time.

    • meteor_echo

      Do you also blog about Baby Bjorns and bedazzled diapers?

  • Helen Donovan

    Even at her age she should have figured out that their are tons of blogs out there in which she will have absolutely NO interest (I’m on a tax professors blog – anyone out there getting a tingle of excitement? NO???) It is ignorant to assume that 1. all blogs are going to be on a topic that interests you, and 2. all blogs on topics that do interest you are going to be good. For example, I like Mommyish but also find a number of Mommy Blogs obnoxious. If this budding journalist can’t separate the wheat from the chaff she might need to consider a new career.

    However, I do like the idea of a bedazzled baby. Given that some women have exhausted their own anatomy as canvas, I guess babies would be the logical next step. :)

  • Amanda Christine Henry

    I’m not quite 21, and I realize that every single one of those “mommy blogs” serves a good purpose to those who have access to them. I’m not ready for kids, but I know one day, I’ll be researching every little question that pops in to my head. That’s the great thing about so many “mommy blogs” being written. Most topics you can think of have already be written about.

  • chaos

    This amuses me. Seriously though. . . if you don’t want to read mum-blogs, don’t read them. Its not that hard. Same goes for blogs about computer games (if you aren’t interested) or heck, even in the scary parts of the internet, some of the fetish blogs. Just stay away from them if you don’t want to read them.

  • Mary Johnson

    A the stupidity of the youth. To bad the internet does not die and this will come an bite her on the ads

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