Disturbing Dad Sees No Problem With Using Sexy Pictures Of His Daughter To Sell Cars On eBay

Well, this sounds like a completely healthy father-daughter relationship to me, but I’d like to hear what you all think about it. Kim Ridley owns a business called Ridley’s Rides in Eugene, Oregon and he sells vehicles through eBay. To spice up his advertising without hiring professional models, he has his 20-year-old daughter Lexxa throw on her booty shorts and bra and pose with his classic carsdatsun

That’s right. He shows his 1977 Datsun through the legs of his daughter, with her ass in full view for his loyal customers to check out. Call me crazy, but this doesn’t seem like a very good view of the car. At least it’s better than the cleavage shot though. That displays even less of the vehicle he’s supposedly trying to sell.

Possibly more upsetting than the photos themselves are Ridley’s blase way of pretending that there’s nothing wrong with them. He tells AdWeek, ”If I felt bad about it, I wouldn’t do it. Girls and dogs attract people’s attention.” He pimps out his golden retriever to advertise his merchandise as well, if that makes anyone feel better.

The fact that a father has no problem objectifying and sexualizing his own daughter for personal gain is just so disturbing. To see no problem with these obviously exploitative photos is completely insane. This is the man’s child. It’s the girl he is supposed to love and protect, not take scantily-clad photos of to sell old cars.

I’m not saying that every father should pretend his daughter is an innocent little flower. I don’t think dads should be forcing their daughters into potato sacks to protect them from glaring eyes. In general, I’ve never thought that it was my father’s job to protect my chastity, or to concern himself with my sex life at all. It’s good for a father to acknowledge that his little girl is a mature female capable of making her own choices, and expressing her sexuality in any way she sees fit.

But this goes a little farther than acknowledging her sexuality — he’s straight up selling it. This is a crotch shot on the internet to make dad a little money.

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  • Fabel

    This totally icks me out, & this would never ever happen in my relationship with MY dad, but some people…are…different? I mean, I can sort of imagine a father-daughter dynamic that is joke-y, comfortable, & yet not creepy, where this “hey! why don’t YOU pose with my cars? that’ll get ‘em!” request wouldn’t seem untoward. She’s 20 years old, so it’s not like she is a minor.

    Of course, they could have an unsettlingly inappropriate relationship, but we don’t know that for sure.

  • boots

    You’re also assuming it wasn’t a case of ‘dad, booty sells, so give me a cut of sales & we’ll get this model thing going’. A friend of mine gets his girlfriend to pose in the same way with his bikes & Commodores – plenty of guys can see his gf, but it works. They do sell…

  • Eileen

    She’s not underage. Does she still live with him/is she still his dependent? In my opinion, that changes a lot. It’s weird because it’s her dad, sure, but if she’s a reasonably independent, legally adult woman, I don’t think it’s awful. Although yeah, you don’t see much of the car…

  • trixya

    what’s the difference between using his daughter and using another man’s daughter?
    not all daddy-daughter relationships are about protecting your little princess – some fathers have a more progressive view of letting their daughter handle her own sh*t and, as this girl is 20 (and I echo the sentiments of previous posters), she can make her own decisions.
    you sound like a judgemental jerk. mind your own business.

    • lea

      “what’s the difference between using his daughter and using another man’s daughter?”

      Well it wouldn’t be incestuous for a start.

    • Justme

      Is the father getting pleasure out of photographing his daughter?

  • Andrea

    Meh. The girl is an adult. Presumably she agreed to it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carmen-Finnigan/841528248 Carmen Finnigan

    ”If I felt bad about it, I wouldn’t do it.” What kind of justification is that. Shouldn’t other people’s feeling matter as well. This is just icky.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shelly-Lloyd/826469442 Shelly Lloyd

    The only problem I have is the lighting is horrid. Come on dad, if you’re going to do some shots like that then spring from a professional or a semi-professional photographer. Or at least rent some lighting equipment.

    • AR

      Aww c’mon… it’s not like he ever touched her… and since her mom left…

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shelly-Lloyd/826469442 Shelly Lloyd

      I don’t see what your comment has to do with professional photography.

  • Suzy-Loo

    Gain. Personal gain, not game.

  • canaduck

    ”If I felt bad about it, I wouldn’t do it. Girls and dogs attract people’s attention.”

    What a progressive attitude to have towards women. Sigh.

    • http://www.facebook.com/elron.aven Elron Aven

      MAdison avenue learned sex sells about a million years ago.

    • canaduck

      Everybody knows that “sex sells” = “women’s bodies sell”.

  • No biggie

    Kind of creepy but I think the outrage is overblown. Consenting adults. I found out about a dad who attended the birth of his daughter’s baby, was in the delivery room. Seeing your grandkid come out of your daughter’s hoo-hoo seemed really really weird to me, then other people said that I was a prude, childbirth is beautiful.

  • Jean Deaux

    hey, this ain’t her first rodeo. She’s 20 years old, not underage.

  • bill

    She is 20, looks trampy with all the tatoos, kind of her choice..

  • K.

    The daughter is 20. Yes, her dad is skeevy and yes, the idea of dad taking sexy pics of his daughter is skeevy, but the daughter is 20, as in an adult, as in old enough make her own decisions, as in a willing participant in these photos.

    I could make a better case that the mothers who coach their preschoolers in how to win baby beauty pageants are far more disturbing.

    I think your outrage would be better served elsewhere.

  • Kjeld

    You better need to be worried about this kid (11 years old). This is disturbing, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7d9kW27kKFM

  • http://profiles.google.com/waepem hadley baxendale

    So “crotch shots” of other men’s daughters are ok? Please. If porn is your issue, fine. But taking selective offense in this case is weird. It’s like ignoring stranger rape and then getting upset st husband rape, or ignoring all the black kids killed with guns everyday and then wetting your pants about a bunch of Connecticut white kids. Your selection betrays your racism and sexism.

  • Photodad

    I have made a life-long career as a professional portrait and wedding photographer. Over the years, I have, of course, photographed my two daughters many times. As they reached their late teens/early adulthood, their requests became more and more risque, including the most recent session which involved the two of them together partially nude. As I told them, I would MUCH rather be the photographer for those types of sessions, as I am quite probably the only man they know who could be in a room with them naked without feeling sexual arousal or desire for them.