Mommyish Gift Guide: The Top 7 Toys You Shouldn’t Bother Buying This Holiday

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So it’s now that time of year when you’re surfing those gift guides and 2012 “hottest toy” lists, determining what is actually worth your money and what isn’t. Maybe your kids have been squawking about getting a Justin Bieber doll since Halloween or maybe you have the more subtle kids who just email you their picks from the family computer. Either way, you’re the ultimate deciding factor on whether yet another piece of the Angry Birds franchise ends up wrapped in your living room — despite whatever toy trends dominate the TV.

So barring any letters to Santa specifically begging for those “Friends” LEGOs, here are the kinds of toys you should omit from your present list from the get go. Don’t buy the “hot toy” hype. Scratch them off so you can make room for something that will actually make your kids go nuts on that special day.

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  • meteor_echo

    Furbies are creepy as all hell, the Justin Bieber brush made me gigglesnerk, the plush purse with plush makeup is outright ridiculous.

    ….I’ll be there in my room, buying Super Mario Bros. plush toys off Ebay >_>

    • LiteBrite

      I agree. Furbies kind of scare me. Whenever I go to Target, there they are, watching my every move and judging me with their eyes.

      I almost bought the Justin Bieber toothbrush for one of my co-workers who has some kind of creepy crush on the poor boy. But then I decided not to feed her addiction. If I get her name in our Secret Santa though, she’s getting one.

    • meteor_echo

      Their eyes are so creepy – and I live in Ukraine where Furbies are way less popular than in North America. So I’ve only seen them in upscale toy stores; I would NOT want one anywhere close to me. I’d die.

    • gothicgaelicgirl

      I spent over €100 on a giant Dragon Ball Z collectible crystal Dragonball set…you have nothing to be ashamed of….

  • Eve Vawter

    Oh Koa , I beg to disagree on the new Furby , all my kids received them as gifts a couple of months ago and the new ones are ridic awesome. Do you know you can abuse your furby until it breaks bad and turns evil? You can also make them insane. Plus, my dog is terrified of them. Tomorrow I’m going to furby Skype you alllll day.

  • Lisa

    Most of those things are actually pretty cool.
    There’s a difference between “not to my personal taste” and “not a good toy”.

    Meanwhile, how did I know that Lego Friends would be in there? Does Mommyish get a sum of money for every article they write where they bag it out? Come on guys.

  • nevilleross

    For girls, I’d rather buy one of these dolls for them: Dragon Alliance Winona NYPD Emergency Service Unit Sniper Team Observer, 1/6 Scale

    • meteor_echo

      Okay, that one looks REALLY cool! I’d love a toy like that if I were a kid now :>

    • nevilleross

      Click on the link and buy it (the doll’s really for adult collectors, anyway).

    • meteor_echo

      I am totally broke right now – buying presents for my friends. But I actually would if I had the free cash right now :3

  • Kay

    so let me get this straight kill your child’s imagination, fun, and future dreams so you the ‘adult’ who chose to have kids do not need to listen to, spend money, or support your child’s ever-changing fascinations. sure okay whatever floats your boat but don’t sink others by saying that all these toys and what-not’s are not worth the money. The sounds of laughter and sight of enjoyment are much more important to me than the price of toys that my child may not play with for more than a few months. I actually want my child to grow up knowing he had a great childhood filled with imaginative play and fun rather than think back at how mommy didn’t want to buy him toys to play with because mommy didn’t want to hear the ‘annoying sounds’ of her child having fun. You people need to stop ripping apart your children’s childhood and stop making them grow up so fast let children be children.

  • STARGIRL055412

    Got my way back because I knew they would be a hot toy this year. My niece and 2 nephews will be pleased. Even got one for myself. Now cant even find them on the shelf.

  • Luckdragon26

    My daughter really wants a furby, and she has been really good this year, so she’s gonna get one. I think she will love it, and mom and dad will hate it. As long as she is happy.