The Queen Tells Kate Winslet Motherhood Is ‘The Best Job’ And Pisses Women Off Everywhere

A fleeting moment and some small talk has pissed women off everywhere. Kate Winslet paid a visit to Buckingham Palace earlier this year to collect her CBE award for her accomplishments in drama. She meets the Queen. Chitchat ensues. The Queen asks about her enjoyment of acting. Winslet tells The Telegraph, “”I said yes I liked it but not as much as being a mother.” The Queen responds, “It is the best job.”

The Internet explodes.

A popular feminist blogger who calls herself Glosswitch, writes for the New Statesman:

So the Queen told Kate Winslet that motherhood is “the best job”. Why do I find this so annoying? I am a mother. I do think mothers are undervalued. All the same, I’d rather not be told I have “the best job”. Particularly not if Hollywood actresses and heads of state are claiming it’s their dream job, too.

She makes a damn good point. While I do love my child, I don’t think parenting him is the best “job” in the world. Clearly, the best job would be to be the maternal version of Anthony Bourdain – being paid to travel the globe, eat, and write. Oh, and insult people on Top Chef. How fantastic would that be?

The Telegraph‘s Jemima Lewis says of the Queen’s remarks:

A job is a position for which you must compete. You need qualifications, experience or, at the very least, decent personal hygiene.

Critically, a job is something for which you get paid. If you’re good at it, you might get promoted up the ranks and become an expert in your field.

By contrast, any moron or sociopath can become a mother. There’s no line manager to assess your performance, and no hierarchy to ascend. You might think of yourself as an expert, but other mothers won’t thank you for telling them what to do.

It’s true! Any moron or sociopath can become a mother! But I disagree with her assessment that a job is something for which you get paid. Not always.

Haven’t you ever heard the term “labor of love?” This doesn’t just refer to choices like motherhood, which obviously don’t have a paycheck. I know plenty of people who are passionate about a field, usually artists, who spend years and years cultivating a career before they get a payoff. I guess I approach motherhood in the same way.

I always wanted a child. Now, I want to do my best to cultivate a little person who can grow into a happy, confident decision maker. Do I think it’s the best job? Probably not. Am I happy I have it? Absolutely.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the Queen was just attempting to make small talk. Let’s give her a break. I’m pretty sure she thinks being the Queen is more awesome than being a mom.

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  • ChopChick

    This is an impossibly annoying article. First, SAHMs want everyone to recognize what they do is work and it’s a full time job, yadda yadda. And at the same time, motherhood can’t be called a job, when it is being called that by rich/well off people? How hypocritical is that!

  • Lastango

    Unlax. Put your feet up. Take deep breaths, and have a glass of wine. Let’s leave it to the university professors and their frosh followers to run around “discovering” issues.

  • Em

    For somebody who’s led a country for more than half a century, I’m sure her real job has lost some amount of joy. A lot of assumptions on my part, but if I were royally responsible for the things this woman is I would find more love and work with my children. People need to calm their ovaries.

  • Justme

    At this point the queen is like my elderly grandmother-in-law that tells me I shouldn’t want to hold my baby so much or offers up whiskey for her gums. You just can’t take everything she says so seriously.

    But I also imagine that the queen doesn’t give two crumpets that this random comment has pissed people off. Again, much like my husbands grandmother.

  • miliotisa1

    Why do people work for, if not for the capacity to take care of their families? What is the single most popular reason for people to get out of their asses and get busy throughout history if not the presence of an extra mouth to feed?

    The result of a job may be a fancy car, a bigger house, a flatter TV and a bigger gemstone hanging from your sagging earlobes…the result of motherhood is a whole new person, one whose experience in life is directly resulting from you birthing them and enabling them to do so.

    • lea

      Your comment has really hit a nerve with me. I find your assumption that people work merely so they can buy fancy possessions rather than for any other reason quite offensive. Obviously, we need to get paid to afford to live, but there are a great deal of us who work for more than to acquire more material possessions.

      I, for one, like my job. It gives me a sense of purpose in my life, and the knowledge that I am making a contribution to society. I like to use my brain and to extend myself. I love to learn new things and to feel part of something bigger. I don’t spend my wages on excessive consumerism, and my motivation does not take the form of a pay check.

    • miliotisa1

      You can do these things outside of a work environment. They’re called “passions” and I am full well aware of activities which contribute these things you mention to a person, without actually being jobs.

      If anything, the job-nature of an activity will only place limitations. You have a set schedule, you have to obey certain rules and regulations, things that needlessly complicate your quest for meaning and purpose.

      Finding meaning isn’t something solely limited to jobs, nor is pushing oneself nor contributing to society. If these are your goals you can attain them BETTER if you quit your job and just do what it is that you like to do so much without the additional BS of having to deal with the modern day workplace.

    • lea

      You have completely missed the point of my comment. You said in your original post “Why do people work for, if not for the capacity to take care of their families? And I was letting you know that many many people work for reasons other than, or in addition to, taking care of family.

      I’m unsure as to why you would suggest quitting a job I love and that adds so much to my life. I’m in the fortunate position where my job is actually one of my passions, but I’ve never suggested that a job is the only place to find fulfilment and meaning. Just that it IS a place where you can, and your blanket statement implying the only good that comes from a job is money was, at least to me, offensive.

    • Lawcat

      People have worked throughout history for survival. Not just for their family, but for themselves first and foremost.

      People work for a variety of reasons. People work before they have families. Maybe to – I don’t know – take care of themselves and secure future. To push themselves. To complete and make new goals. To contribute to society. To utilize and further their education. To feel fulfilled in general.

      There are many reasons why people work; taking care of a family is simply one reason, not THE SOLE reason.

  • Holla

    I think your last paragraph sums it up nicely. Kate said she enjoyed being a mother more than being an actress,a dn the Queen made an affirmative statement. eek, this makes me sooo much more content to never be in a public spotlight, if even general small talk ignites some kind of feminist riot. Yuck.

  • meteor_echo

    Meh. Clearly, being a Queen is not the “best job”.
    Also, I don’t like people who call their children a job.

  • C.J.

    The Queen is 90 something years old. I would think her opinions are going to be a bit old fashioned. Besides, how someone views motherhood is really a personal opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  • quinn

    Wow! How about everyone is making a big deal out of nothing. Kate said she likes being a mother better than being an actress. I’m sure she does! What was the queen supposed to reply with? It was polite conversation that people are reading waaay to far into.

  • Sue

    Oh My God. Kate said she liked being a mother better than acting, the Queen said Cool, me too. And people are getting pissy about this? This does not need to be A Thing. Maybe folks should calm the hell down and do their own thing. And mind their own damn business. Geez.

  • NovaDreya

    So the Queen enjoyed caring for her children… what’s the big deal here, she’s not saying every single woman on the planet should drop whatever career they have worked hard to achieve and starting pumping out babies.

  • NovaDreya

    So the Queen enjoyed caring for her children… what’s the big deal here, she’s not saying every single woman on the planet should drop whatever career they have worked hard to achieve and starting pumping out babies.