Marc Anthony Awesomely Helps Orphanages With His Narcissistically Named ‘Maestro Cares Foundation’

marc anthonyMarc Anthony is doing really wonderful work to help needy children. I don’t want to take away from that. But did he really have to name his charitable foundation, “The Maestro Cares”? Am I the only one who finds that to be pushing it, just a little?

The Latin superstar and former husband to Jennifer Lopez is coming to the aid of an orphanage in the Dominican Republic. His foundation is providing a new residence hall, baseball field, and learning center for the 150 kids at the Children of Christ orphanage in La Romana. The orphanage serves abused and abandoned kids and it’s getting more than $200,000 from Anthony’s organization.

There is no denying that this is extremely admirable. I think we should all be applauding the musician and those working with him to help improve the conditions for orphans throughout Latin America.

I just have one small comment to make. I cannot help but get a twitch in my eye at the name, “The Maestro Cares Foundation.” Really Mr. Anthony? The Master Cares? I’m really glad that you care. I’m also really concerned for anyone that needs to refer to themselves as “The Master” during their charitable work. I just feel like there were thousands of possible names for this organization. The Maestro Cares is one of most narcissistic anyone could ever come up with. It screams, “Praise me, everyone! I’m awesome and I care!”

This foundation’s name is the charitable equivalent of, “I’m such a wonderful person… and I’m humble too.”

I’m thrilled that Marc Anthony is helping children in need. It’s a noble goal. It’s one he should be commended for. I would just be more likely to compliment him if he wasn’t already complimenting himself… through his charity’s name.

(Photo: Aaron Gilbert / WENN)

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  • Scarlette

    Maybe he means maestro as in teacher? Could be the case…

  • miliotisa1

    “Maestro” is another word for “conductor” in the musicianship jargon world. It’s a position of the orchestra where a guy waves a wooden stick and conducts the other musicians. It is this context that the guy used for the name of the organization I think, so as to make it music-themed.

  • Andrea

    Not only maestro is another word for conductor, but in Spanish (and I believe what matters in this particular context) is the word for teacher. I don’t believe he was referring to himself.

    Lindsey I normally find your articles funny or poignant or interesting or all of those, but I think you SO missed the mark on this one. Just a wee bit more research could have saved you from looking like you just read a headline, threw together 100 words and hit publish. I don’t want to sound harsh, but you sound very ignorant. Next time, try google translate.

  • Michele

    Maestro means “master” as in “schoolmaster” – teacher. Even a crappy tool like Google Translate gives you that result. And as others pointed out, maestro in **English** is a conductor. No one in the DR would hear that foundation name and think what you thought. Poor Marc Anthony :P