Jay-Z And Beyonce Give Their Fans Pictures Of Blue Ivy For The Holidays. Sort Of

Beyonce and Jay-Z never share pictures of their daughter, Blue Ivy, so it’s not surprising that every media outlet on the planet is covering the rare few shots the couple shared with their fans for the holidays.

Too bad you can’t actually see the baby in any of them.

In one of the pictures, Beyonce holds Blue Ivy, who is facing away from the camera. I am a photographer. Trust me when I tell you that this is not a shot I would recommend people include in their holiday card.

I get it. They’re superstars and they want their privacy. I just think that if you really want to go under the radar with your family, don’t make a giant debacle out of the birth of your baby by spending millions of dollars on a birthing suite. Also, maybe don’t try to brand your infant daughter by attempting to trademark her name. But what do I know? I’m just a commoner that lets people actually see my child’s face.

I’m poking fun here, but I actually do understand where they are coming from. If I were famous, I wouldn’t want to subject my young children to the cruelty of the media, either. Remember all of the Down Syndrome rumors that circulated around Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt‘s twins? How about the constant fashion commentary on Suri Cruise? Maybe Jay and Beyonce have it figured out.

At least they haven’t resorted to putting a mask on her everywhere she goes. Yet.

(photo: iam.beyonce.com)

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    • Yves

      Please. By creating a mystery, they are just attempting to receive MORE attention. I think it’s sad how they use their own child to keep people “interested” in them.

      • Really?

        So if they share too many pictures..they are attention grabbers using their kid for publicity, but if they don’t share any pictures..they are attention grabbers trying to create a mystery? I wonder if there should be a set number of pictures celebrities are supposed to share so people like you wouldn’t claim they are looking for attention.
        They are Beyonce and Jay Z! I don’t think they need to use their kid to get attention.

    • http://twitter.com/sklosko susanna klosko

      but the birthing suite and trademark were also both steps taken to prevent their privacy. the trademark prevents people from developing products (t-shirts, etc) using her name. anyways, apparently tina fey gave birth in the same suite so why is it a big deal when beyonce does it?