STFU, Parents: 5 Reasons I’m Thankful For The Cool Parents On Facebook

Last year, I celebrated Thanksgiving in this column by rounding up some Mom’s Gold Star submissions, and this year I’ve done the same thing in the name of holiday tradition. There are very few traditions that I have on the blog that aren’t revolting, and frankly, I’m thankful every time I receive a new Gold Star submission. The submissions not only represent examples of parents “doing it right,” but also examples of friends wanting to give their parent friends props. It’s always nice to read the enthusiasm someone has for a friend who doesn’t overshare, but instead uses Facebook as a medium to be funny, honest, or just plain silly.

I think people naturally gravitate toward using social media to complain or get something off their chest, because complaining is what comes easiest, especially for parents who are overwhelmed and use Facebook to connect with other people feeling the same way. Being funny in the face of exhaustion takes actual effort, and complaining doesn’t. That’s what the Mom’s Gold Star is about, and I’m happy to say that it’s one of the most common types of submissions I receive. Sure, not every submission is worthy of the title, in my opinion, but many of the status updates are certainly heading in the right direction. If parents approached sites like Facebook with more of a lighthearted and thoughtful stance, rather than as a place to deposit every negative thought that fills their head, it would be more fun to read. Of course, the same can be said for everyone, but for today’s purposes, let’s take a look at several parents who fit the Gold Star bill. Sometimes, it’s as simple as saying what’s really on your mind:

stfu parents

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  • Suburban Snapshots

    Last week someone commented on a friend’s post, “Such a shame, all these moms today have to rely on wine.” I’m paraphrasing, but wish I’d thought of, “Of course we do! I don’t have time to hold up a pharmacy for Oxycontin.”

  • Courtney Lynn

    These parents let me know I’m not alone in my dark humor. Even some of my own friends surprise me with their level of sanctimommy sometimes.

  • Laura Klotz

    I wish those people who complain that B does nothing but humiliate parents on Facebook would read posts like this. See? She’s only too happy to praise awesome parents. Learn from these examples about how to do it!

    • STFUParents

      Thanks Laura :)

  • Katherine

    Awesome! I want to be as cool as these mothers. Happy Thanksgiving to the American crowd!

  • WinWin

    I love #4! It irritates me when people rant about the whole “TV raising your kid” thing (A rant about a rant? anyways..) Even when my son is watching TV, I am constantly talking to him about what happens on TV, or answering his questions. Maybe like Sarah I too am missing something!

  • Brikkz

    All of these moms had me laughing.

  • Famke Stewart

    Cool parents are the best.