Can’t We All Just Enjoy Football Star Sam Gordon Instead Of Dragging Her Impending Puberty Into It?

Sam Gordon is this amazingly talented, ferociously fast football star who is owning the sport. At nine-years-old, this kid is jaw-droppingly fantastic. As a mom of my own daughter I’m sick of reading comments where people are dragging the fact she will one day reach puberty and how it will mess up her football career into the conversation. Can’t we just celebrate how great Sam is without bloviating about how her period will affect her talent?


There’s the life of a Super Bowl MVP, and then there’s the life of Sam Gordon.

In the two weeks since her football highlight video hit the blogosphere, then the mainstream media, the nine-year-old sensation has appeared on Good Morning America, taken in a BYU game, flown to Chicago for a daytime talk show, tackled Marshall Faulk on the set of the NFL Network, and on Sunday afternoon she huddled up with the 49ers at practice.

Monday she’ll meet Steve Young and watch Monday Night Football. And in a couple weeks, “Sweet Feet” is hoping to catch a Giants game in New York and meet NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who phoned her dad this week to congratulate him.

Oh, and she’s also been invited to do some public speaking. At age 9.


But instead of simply marveling at how great of a player this little girl is, one of the main responses to the articles and videos posted about her is “Just wait until she hits puberty” or “Wait until the boys on the team reach puberty and they can smoke her.”  No, let’s not do that! Let’s just let this kid play amazingly well at a sport she loves and stop dragging puberty into it. Are people that hurt that a girl is so good (and better than the majority of boys) that they have to rain on the celebration by being all doomsday about this girl’s career as a footballer before it has even started yet?

I can understand people posting concerns about how tackle football is dangerous for kids, boys and girls included. But I can’t understand some of the negativity directed at a little girl playing football just because she is a girl. According to Sam and her father, all though she loves football, she has other plans for the future:


“She’ll play football for the next two years,” Brent said Sunday. “Then she’ll want to focus on soccer.”

I have a feeling she’ll dominate on the soccer pitch as well. I’m sorry everyone is so butthurt about a little girl being so amazing at football, but the only people who are allowed to discuss her impending puberty are her parents.

(photo: twitter)

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  • alice


    This was a user comment from HuffPo: “I am a former high school coach. There are significant anatomical and psychological differences between male and female athletes that make it dangerous for them to compete in a highly physical game like football…”

    whaaaat? you know the misogyny is strong when you have to fall back on “psychological” differences between the sexes as an excuse for athletic gender segregation.

    • Julie

      When I was in high school one of the sports we played in gym class was football. The gym coaches split us up into separate games for the boys and girls. The boys played tackle football while us girls played two-hand touch clear on the other side of the field. It pissed me off! I wanted to play with the boys and so did half of the other girls forced to play the softer version of the game. I have a feeling they did this for the same reasons that the former HS coach commenter on HuffPo talked about. It felt like they were completely underestimating our abilities and a lot of us felt slighted.

  • Maggie

    I am a female football player. I played on the boys team in high school (though only Junior Varsity, because the coaches thought I would be “killed” by the “big boys” in the Varsity league, despite the fact that I had the most tackles for a Defensive Linebacker in the league), and I still play in our local senior women’s league. We play full contact, no pussy footing around, and let me tell you, some of our girls could easily dominate most of the men who play for our club’s male team. Regardless of anatomical differences, because clearly breasts & vaginas make us weaker, women are just as capable as men of being excellent football players. Any man who says otherwise is welcome to stand opposite me and the rest of my D-Line and try to tell us otherwise.

    And, I just have to add, I laughed out loud that you used the term “butthurt.” Go, Eve! :)

  • canaduck

    I hate football and I STILL watched the entire video in complete awe and admiration. That little girl is a wonder and while I’m sure she’s already dealt with a lot of sexism, I hope what’s coming won’t bring her down!