Helpful Hints For Making Mommy Friends And Why I Would Suck At All Of Them

You guys will find this totally shocking but I have no friends. OK, so I have a very few select friends but I’m not sure they even really like me, or they just hang out with me because I make these amazingly good cheese straws out of puff pastry and sharp cheddar. Making mommy friends is a challenge. The nice people at The Herald Net realize this so they have composed some helpful suggestions for those of us who are socially awkward and/or giant bitchfaces to make new pals. Let’s review and talk about why most of these would not work for me!

Sign up for Stroller Strides fitness classes for moms with babies.

I have no baby. This will not work for me. But I am totally tempted to show up with my teenage son in a stroller and be all “Look at my adorable little boy! Isn’t he the cutest? He just started crawling!” and freak everyone out.

Check out what is happening locally and attend events or classes with your child.

I can kinda see doing this, but the only events or classes I’m really interested in are cooking classes or classes on how to shoot weapons which I’m not sure are super appropriate for my children. I think I read somewhere that guns, knives and kids don’t mix.

Join a local moms’ club.

By “mom’s club” do they mean like a mom biker gang who all ride super badass Triumph motorcycles? Because if so, I’m in.

Get to know your neighbors.

Haha! My neighbors are all super nice but they are also very old. I’m going to stop by and ask them if they want to hang out and watch The Walking Dead with me and drink.

Hang out at a local independent bookstore.

Gosh, do you guys remember bookstores? I miss bookstores. Let’s go back before the advent of Amazon when there used to be bookstores and make friends! And if there were bookstores, how would this work? Do you hang out in the self-help section perusing books on “How To Make Friends” and than wait until another person is in that section and than you both feel sorry for each other so you become BFF and than go to your elderly neighbor’s house and ask them to watch The Walking Dead with you and do tequila shots every time Michone makes her mad face?

Start a parent-child book club.

I love to read so much! I am a voracious reader but I have never joined a book club. I think at book clubs all people do is read “Fifty Shades Of Grey” and I’m not super positive that is an appropriate book choice for any of my children.

Volunteer with your child.

I can’t make fun of this one because I believe strongly in volunteer work. But if I took my kid to volunteer at the local animal shelter he only friends we would make are with dogs. And I’m no animal expert, but dogs don’t talk. Nor can you go shoe shopping with them or play trivia or swap babysitting duties with them. Dogs are amazingly cute, but the only friendship activities you can share with them are sleepy cuddle time and a rousing game of “Who gets the last piece of ham?”

Join a community/family yoga center.

Yoga. Looooooooool.

Maybe I don’t have more friends because of my bad attitude and my raging sarcasm problem. I think I need to start making extra cheese straws.

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  • Nyx

    Oh Eve, if only we didn’t live so far away (I’m in Australia)…I love tequila, and cheese, and the Walking Dead, and funnily enough weapons (swords and antique guns)…Oh and lets not forget the joys of sarcasm…

    I’m sure there are other mum’s out there like us…perhaps not at Stroller Strides though

    • Eve Vawter

      awww, we can be long distance BFF! we need matching satin jackets with our names on them!

    • Blooming_Babies

      Fear not we are out there… We’re just all hiding in our houses so finding each other is difficult!

    • boots

      Nyx, if you’re in Brisbane, I’ll totally bring swords, cheese straws & squidlet if you bring swords, tequila & your squidlet. Actually, that combo may be quite hazardous to any onlookers, but I think we’ll be right ;)

    • Nyx

      Alas I am in Perth…So not only am I far away from Eve, I’m on the wrong side of the country to everyone else LoL…

  • Justme

    Is it weird that I don’t have “mom” friends? I just have my…….friends? Some of whom happen to have children….

    • Eve Vawter

      Awww, check you out getting all technical on me! You are my semantics friend!

    • Justme

      I just never understood the concept of “mommy” friends. I didn’t know I was supposed to turn in my old ones once I became a mother.

      I get that your piece is tongue-in-cheek and humorous but the phrase always bothers me for whatever reason.

    • Eve Vawter

      See, I didn’t even know the term was a ” thing” … I was just using it like ” friends for grownass women with kids”

    • Justme

      Ahh….I see. I guess I’ve just read a few articles talking about how hard it is to find “mom” friends and they always leave me bewildered.

  • LiteBrite

    My neighbors are all older than me too with kids who are grown. Yeah, I’m sure they want to spend their free time hanging out with me and my five-year-old.

    And I’m totally in with your idea of a mom’s club. Throw in some good wine and Rob Zombie, and you’ve got yourself a deal. (Yes, I have a slight crush on Rob Zombie. Yes, I’m a little odd.)

    In all seriousness, these aren’t bad suggestions for non-working parents; however, for those who work full-time, things like parent-child classes and mom’s club events are pretty much out of the question since they’re typically offered on weekdays. Oh, and many volunteer opportunities require the kid be at least in their teens even if with a parent.

  • Kmichele

    BAHhaha… Dying laughing over this, possibly with I-can-identify-all-too-well laughter. I haven’t made one new friend- Mommy or otherwise – in the 6 months since having my daughter. Tried a “mommy” group but they just weren’t my people. Cordial enough people, new moms who I’m sure I would have plenty of new-mom stuff in common with, but also yoga practicing, croc wearing new moms who seemed to have already formed this granola mean girls sort of clique. (Try being a fashion designer with a snarky sense of humor who is historically not great at cultivating new friendships in that crowd – talk about awkward.)

    Anyway thank you for this, and I will totally be your friend, although I can’t make any guarantees about my 6 month old & your tween hitting it off. :)

  • D W

    My neighbors are also all quite old, though some of them have grandkids who live with them and/or come over to visit…does that count?