Mother’s Claim That 14-Year-Old Ariel Winter Was Sleeping With 18-Year-Old BF Is Mighty Suspect

ariel winterThe confusing, real-life case of Modern Family star, Ariel Winter‘s family drama has had even more plot turns in the past 24 hours. Yesterday, we were just starting to hear from Winter’s brother, Jimmy Workman, who defended his mother against current and past allegations of abuse. The very fact that there was a history of such charges made plenty of people, myself included, a little skeptical of Chrystal Workman. Today, Ariel’s mom is expanding her defense, claiming that the entire fight with her daughter started because Workman found her 14-year-old daughter in bed with the girl’s 18-year-old boyfriend and threw him out of the house. Nothing like a little statutory rape to complicate things.

After losing custody of her daughter, Chrystal Workman seems to be doing everything in her power to save face. She immediately denied the allegations. Then, she went as far as filing a police report that could result in a statutory rape charge if proven to be true. She says that she was just trying to protect and save her daughter. She told E! News:

“I would never abuse her in any way and I have always tried my best to always protect her and do what is right for her. My daughter is in a business that requires you to grow up fast. It’s hard enough being a teenage girl, but it’s even harder when you are in the public eye.  However, because you are in the public eye, it doesn’t mean you are no longer in need of good parenting.”

Workman went on to make harsh statements about Ariel’s older sister, who is currently taking care of her little sister. The mother attempts to cast doubt on Shanelle Gray, mentioning that her older daughter has been out of the picture for much of Ariel’s life. One has to wonder if the abuse allegations from 20 years ago had anything to do with this sister not wanting to be too involved with her family.

The fact is that Chrystal Workman might be trying to prove that she’s a good parent, but I don’t think she’s thought this entire thing through. The police are already questioning her statement, wondering if it’s the mother’s attempt to protect her image after the public loss of custody. And really who can blame them? Workman said that her daughter’s relationship had been going on since the beginning of the summer, but she never worried about this statutory rape until after she lost custody of her daughter?

If your daughter was engaging in sexual acts for months with a legal adult at the age of 14 and you did nothing about it, I think most of us would agree that there’s a lapse in responsible parenting there. If you’re upset enough to file a police report about the incident now, weren’t you upset enough to do so at the time? Having this situation come out and distract attention in the middle of a controversy about physical and emotional abuse has to make you question the veracity of the statements being made.

What’s more than that, if this is just an excuse for a fight or a ploy to distract attention, it’s one of the most despicable acts I can imagine. It levels charges at a boy who might night have done anything wrong. It would be an attempt to slut-shame your own daughter in the media because she decided to stand up for herself against an abusive mother. If this statement isn’t true, the fact that Chrystal Workman made it would be completely unforgivable.

There are two very different narratives being told. One is a young girl who was corrupted by a conniving older sister and a predatory older boyfriend that Chrystal Workman didn’t seem too concerned about until after she already lost custody. The other is an abusive mother who punished her daughter for leaving by making false accusations about sex at the age of 14 to the press. Either way, it doesn’t sound like this mom is capable of taking care of her extremely talented daughter.

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  • CW

    Did it ever occur to you that the mom was perhaps trying to resolve the situation with her daughter about the boyfriend without involving the police until the manipulative little brat started making abuse allegations (which there is NO corroborating evidence for beyond the daughter’s word)?

    • Blooming_Babies

      Yes because there’s always tons of corroborating evidence in teen child abuse cases. Way to blame the victim.

    • CW

      If she actually were being abused, wouldn’t there be some evidence to support the claim, like suspicious bruises/injuries or witnesses who can testify that they saw/heard abuse? This girl is surrounded by all sorts of people all the time and NOBODY except the older sister (who has a financial interest in having custody) is corroborating the girl’s claim? This kind of situation is every strict parent’s worst nightmare- trying to discipline a headstrong teen who lies & falsely claims abuse in retaliation.

    • LindsayCross

      I think you’re choosing to ignore facts because you have your own narrative you want to tell. This woman put all three of her children into show business. She’s been accused of abuse before. People who worked with her on sets called her controlling and overly critical of her daughter. What evidence do you have to suggest that the girl is some spoiled, headstrong brat? Where’s your proof?

    • caricake

      Also, Lindsay, I read in several different articles that both of Ms. Workman’s older children (Shanelle and Jimmy) were actually removed from Ms. Workman’s custody when they were young and, furthermore, Ms. Workman’s parental rights were eventually terminated by the state. My point is: before I decided to become a doctor and went to medical school I was considering a career in law. So I interned for several years at the Juvenile Rights division of the Legal Aid Society in NYC and from that experience I learned that the state does pretty much everything it can to avoid terminating a parent’s rights to a child. Rather the abusive parent is referred to counseling, parenting classes, family therapy with the children, etc. and it is only after all of that has failed that termination of parental rights proceedings are initiated. So to me, the simple fact that Ms. Workman has already been through all of this TWICE makes it pretty clear that this is not simply a case of a manipulative teenager trying to make mommy look bad so she can have sex with some cute older guy whenever she wants.

    • caricake

      You clearly haven’t read a whole lot about this case so I don’t know where you get off behaving so unsympathetically to this poor girl.

      1) The mother has already lost custody and parental rights of both her older children- and that is not something a judge will do without a lot of evidence demonstrating that the parent is in fact unfit.

      2) The fact that the son is now supporting his mother means little since, unfortunately, abuse victims can often take the side of their abuser. It happens all the time.

      And most importantly: 3) The older sister does not currently, and most likely will not, have access to her little sister’s money. That is how a temporary guardianship works. Also, and in regards to the long term, this is California we are talking about. California has particularly stringent laws preventing parents or guardians from accessing money earned by children under their care. These laws were devised and enacted as a direct result of horrible past cases (Gary Coleman!) where parents essentially and inappropriately spent every last dime that their children earned through their own hard work.

    • K.

      Newsflash: 14-year-olds get to be manipulative brats–they are children.

  • K.

    My favorite is her statement, “My daughter is in the business where she is required to grow up fast…”

    Uh, who put her in the business?

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