Twinning: My Pregnancy As A Trinity Was Not Pretty

twin pregnancyHaving twins can be the most amazing experience of your life. It can also cause you to wake up in the morning wishing you were someone else. Twinning offers an honest depiction of life with twins from a mom who tries to keep things somewhere in the middle.

While everyone loves a pregnant woman, people really love a woman pregnant with twins. Complete strangers would offer up genuine excitement when they learned I was having twins. If they heard I was having a boy and a girl (which is basically winning the jackpot in the world of Twindom), they’d get even more giddy. They’d rave, “A boy and a girl! You’re all done! Aren’t you lucky?” and I immediately bought into the hype. Even in the early days of my first trimester, I found that being pregnant with twins means more of everything. And that should’ve made me nervous.

My enthusiasm over my new mother-to-be status quickly waned as morning sickness set in…all day long, for three solid months. Far beyond regular nausea, this was an all-encompassing, never-ending feeling of wanting to crawl into a hole and die. Everything made me feel sick—from the obvious (perfume) to the inexplicable (reading a magazine). Eating became an insurmountable challenge, and the organic diet I had intended on following went out the window in favor of elbow macaroni and cheese-covered chicken patties. My doctor explained that having twins means having more of the hormones that cause morning sickness. Double ugh!

All these extra hormones also resulted in a truly unfair case of acne—on my face, chest, and back. That “pregnant glow” everyone rhapsodizes about? Sure, I had it—the glowing oily sheen of a 15-year-old. All those low-cut cleavage-bearing maternity shirts modern moms are sporting nowadays were off-limits for me, and I ended up wearing tank tops and turtlenecks under even the most modest ones to hide my embarrassing spots. I had envisioned being fashionably pregnant like the celebs we see in People, still wearing stilettos and flaunting a tiny bump. Ah, the innocence.

Right around then I realized that carrying twins wasn’t going to be the exalted experience I’d imagined it would be.

So things weren’t looking too pretty here. Despite my appearance, I tried to appreciate my new existence. I was temporarily a trinity: three people in one, and I was as big as a cathedral. Few people can say that. Does it matter that few people would want to?

Women carrying twins also need to gain more weight—my doctor recommended 40 pounds, 20 for each baby. I always thought that guilt-free eating would be one of the coolest parts of being pregnant, but I never imagined packing 40 pounds onto my five foot four inch frame. Once my all-day sickness subsided during the second trimester, I concentrated on eating. The first 10 pounds were old friends from my college days, and they flew back on. The next 10 were not as enjoyable, because they were gained by eating recommended foods I hate, like cauliflower, pork and broccoli, all in the name of having healthy babies.

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  • JL Wrench

    THIS! I had none symptoms, but none of the fun of the pregnancy either because I didn’t really pop until I was about 24 weeks and I delivered at 28. I’m half tempted to have another child just to actually enjoy being pregnant.

  • Megan Nowak

    Ah yes…I remember a LOT of this. Pretty much it all(except for the acne). But so jealous of you!! b/g twins!! How exciting! :)

  • Dawn

    So glad I’m not the only one! My twin pregnancy was awful. I had morning sickness for 24 weeks (hospitalized twice for dehydration), PUPPPS from week 1 and for the entire pregnancy which made me look like I had some horrific disease only found in a third world country, a pinched nerve that kept me from walking for a few weeks, and a bladder infection that sent me into labor at 33 weeks. It was hell. I hated it. Of course, I love my two little boys, but the pregnancy part was total crap. And all everyone kept saying to me was “Isn’t it amazing? You are so lucky!” I sure as heck didn’t feel lucky!

    • Gloria

      24 weeks…!!! I have no idea how you did it. Your pregnancy makes mine seem like a walk in the park! Congrats for being strong enough to stick it out!

  • Kirstyj

    I actually thought i was reading MY story, im currently pregnant with twins, and this is sooo me, i actually wish everyone i know could read this, so they would understand its not just me and in actually not just a drama queen!

  • maxfab

    Reading this from my hospital bed as I’m currently on bedrest trying to cook my own twins a bit longer. All I can say is, boy you are singing my life with this post.

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