Try Not To Pee Yourself But A Miracle One-Time Lice Treatment Might Be In Existence

head lice treatmentFor those parents who have been to the trenches of lice treatment, time to arm your forces with the latest “it” solution in kid scalp maintenance. But don’t bother stocking up on any more combs or dialing up the Lice Squad for multiple shampooings because this new treatment is just a one-time hair wash. Can I get a “hell yes!” into your computer screen?

This new miracle treatment that you should be scanning the aisles for and bugging drug stores about ASAP is called ivermectin. The Atlantic describes the neurotoxin as a quadruple dream: “FDA-approved, one-time, 10-minute, DIY hair-wash.” When was the last time you saw those scrawled across a package of Nix?

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, this medication was tested on over 700 individuals (in two multisite, doubleblind studies) and the results would make any parent who has struggled on the phone with the school nurse’s office weep. In the day following treatment, 95 percent of patients had no lice to speak of. Ivermectin does precisely what you’ve been hoping any of that smelly conditioner does in the first place: paralyzes and then kills lice.

Thankfully, science seems to be close to wiping nitpicking, ineffective combs, and arguments with school offices off a modern parent’s lice treatment checklist.

(photo: Brian Eichhorn/ Shutterstock)

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  • Samantha

    Ivermectin has been approved for use to de-worm horses for a long time. I don’t know about as a shampoo, but if you are desperate and want to smear some cream on your head, any farm store will have it for cheap.

    • DVM Guest

      That is such bad advice. Do you have any idea how many different strengths of ivermectin are available for farm animals? Did you know that some of them are mixed with chemicals allowing them to absorb into the bloodstream through the skin? Do you have any concept of how differently drugs are dosed across different species? Don’t buy drugs at a farm store to use on your children or yourself.

    • Kylie

      And I suspect that this “one time” treatment will also work because it will be absorbed across the skin and stays in a child’s system. We’ve used ivermectin on livestock for years, I have a PhD in biochemistry and believe me when I say I don’t think I would EVER use a drench on my child’s scalp!

    • bumbler

      I agree. Nothing wrong with good old mayonaise and essential oils. When things are ‘quick and easy’, the true cost is often someone’s health.

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