Rihanna Gifts Adele ‘Humorous’ & Awkward Baby Onesie

rihannaRihanna just can’t help herself. She’s the lady who goes nude all the time in everything. She’s the one who makes sexually explicit songs with ex-boyfriends who were arrested for domestic violence. She’s the friend who sends you a “humorous” baby onesie that makes you kind of uncomfortable. Don’t believe me? Just ask Adele.

According to The Sun, Adele’s baby has been getting loads of super awesome gifts from celebrities around the world. I mean, we already know that the songstress is Skyping Sir Elton John for parenting advice, so this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. But apparently the most creative baby present has come from none other than RiRi.

Rihanna sent the new mom two onesies made just for Adele and her bundle of joy. The first is pretty standard and says, “My mum is a rockstar.” Lots of kids wear clothes complimenting their parents, but Adele’s son can actually put this thing off. The second piece of clothing is a bit more inventive. It says, “Just done nine months inside.” Ya know, because it sounds like the baby was in jail but he was really just in Adele’s womb? Super funny, right? Who doesn’t enjoy insinuating that their infant was in jail? Of course, as an added measure, Rihanna also sent Adele some lingerie, so the yummy mummy can “stay sexy.”

I have to admit, if I received that baby present from anyone I know, I would be a little confused. It’s one of those things I would probably tuck in the back of a closet with a puzzled look on my face, wondering what on earth said person was thinking. I mean, give me the Diaper Genie any day.

I suppose it’s great that Rihanna didn’t just go for the most expensive thing she could find. I’m sure that when money’s not an object for either of you, it’s tempting to just buy your friend’s kid a solid gold rocking horse or something. At least the gift showed a little thought, and maybe there’s an inside joke I’m missing.

Still, I feel like this was just another example of Rihanna needing to be the most extreme. She can’t just joke about a baby being messy or not sleeping, she has to joke about them being in jail. She can’t just send a “Pamper mommy” basket with lotions and bubble bath. She has to send lingerie, to remind a woman who just pushed out a baby to stay sexy. I like Rihanna, but even with baby gifts she seems to feel the need to push it one step further than anyone else.

(Photo: Jaguar PS/Shutterstock)

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  • CGM

    It isn’t like she made the idea up, I’ve seen similar onesies in baby stores and online.

  • Sue

    I’ve seen that onesie dozens of times. Chill out.

  • Kate

    We were given a onesie that said, “I just did 9 months solitary confinement.” We thought it was funny.

    • ipsedixit010

      It is funny….to people with a sense of humor.

    • BoredandAtHome

      He he he.

  • Daisy

    Given the headline, I was definitely expecting something way more offensive… I personally don’t think that joke is funny, but that’s more a “different sense of humour” thing than anything. I certainly don’t see anything wrong with those gifts.

  • To Celebrate Women

    If you can’t laugh about parenting, you’re in trouble. Honestly, there’s way worse out there to complain about, why are you getting your panties in a twist about a mildly edgy joke?

  • chomps

    Even if you don’t like the gifts, let’s remember that Rihanna isn’t a mom, so it’s kind of weird to say she was just trying to be extreme. As a new mama myself, I think it’s funny.

  • SugaSweet

    OMG! Really?! I got that same onsie for my new grandson. What’s wrong with it? I thought it was hilarious. With all the crap going on in the world your going to get upset over that? Get a life & please don’t have kids. You’ve got to have a sense of humor to be a parent.