Sorry Working Mothers, GOP Congressman Really Thinks You Should Get Back To The Kitchen

vintage mom kitchenWell, it’s been a few days since a Republican politician has said something to offend a large number of women. Don’t worry, this little gem has nothing to do with rape or abortion. We were all getting a little frustrated and emotional over that trend. So if they aren’t talking about babies from rape being intended by God or abortion to the save the life of the mother being completely unnecessary, just what are conservatives saying this time? Well, Maryland Representative Roscoe Bartlett has some comments to make about working mothers. And if you can imagine it, they’re straight out of the 50s.

According to The Washington Post, Bartlett told local constituents:

“This isn’t the politically correct thing to say, but when we drove the mother out of the home into the workplace and replaced her with the television set, that was not a good thing.”

My favorite thing about this quote is that Bartlett doesn’t even seem to give working mothers credit for getting themselves out into the workplace. Bartlett said “when we drove the mother out of the home,” implying that ladies were forced out kicking and screaming. Yes, there are always instances where women work outside of the home out of economic necessity, but that’s not the case for all moms. Plenty of women decided on their own that they wanted to earn a living for themselves.

Of course, this idea that mothers have been replaced with television sets is not new. People have been throwing it around for a while and blaming it all on women working outside the house. But I don’t think increased media consumption among children is solely a problem with working mothers. I haven’t seen the numbers on it, but I bet that kids who go to daycare see less television during the day than kids that stay home with their mom. I’m not saying that as an indictment against stay-at-home moms. I’m saying that when there’s a television right there and you really want to get some laundry done, it’s a pretty big temptation.

I suppose some will say that we should forgive Bartlett for this obviously retro point-of-view. He is 86 years  old and the second oldest member of Congress. The problem is that he represents citizens of every age. Congressmen make laws that have an impact on all of us. And Representative Bartlett has had plenty of opportunity to see the good that can come from working mothers. I wonder if he looks at Hillary Clinton and thinks that she should’ve stayed at home.

The GOP might think that it’s “women problem” is manufactured by the media. Instead, they should look at the statements made by politicians in their own party over and over again throughout this election cycle. If they don’t see a problem or a pattern, than their “women problem” won’t be improving any time soon, no matter who they attempt to shift the blame to.

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  • Lawcat

    I hate when people say that the world is becoming too politically correct, spout off something idiotic, and then act like they’re just “telling it like it is” to all the “real” Amuuurikans out there.

    I also hate when reporters don’t put asshats like Bartlett on blast. Doesn’t that type of mysogenistic statement deserve some follow up? I mean, ask the man to explain further. Is he saying women would rather be in the home? Is he saying they should go back? That men cannot be equal caregivers? Id like more info, because i enjoy working. I bet he won’t – or will pull a “thats not what i meant” – because he knows it’s an asinine statement.

    I guess it’s to be expected from an 86 year old male Tea Party candidate. And he’s exactly the reason I left the Republican party.

  • WinWin

    I agree with you in the amount of TV kids watch at home. When my son is home, we play for a couple of hours, read some and he wanders around watching what I do..but ultimately he watches TV because I can’t think of anything to keep him occupied and he is bored. It is so much better at the day care because he has company! He loves being around kids his age and they think of so many fun things to do.

    • LiteBrite

      I agree. My son’s daycare room doesn’t have a TV, so right there he watches more TV with me than he does in daycare.

      Next up: Congressman Bartlett says his statement about working mothers was – wait for it – “taken out of context.”

  • K.

    Well, if that’s how you feel, Mr. Bartlett, then why don’t you do something about it? Go ahead–quit your job, become a SAHD and get those kids off the tube. Really, it’s a win-win because we don’t need your kind in Congress anymore.

    Besides, I’m workin’ here.