6 Super Noteworthy Facts About Jessica Ridgeway’s Alleged Murderer Austin Reed Sigg

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  • lilly

    “The apple doesn’t fall far from the woman beating tree?”

    My grandfather was an abusive alcoholic. My dad is the gentlest man you will ever meet. What a horrible, generalizing statement.

  • Diana

    This article is extremely irresponsible. This matter is extremely sensitive and delicate and you are treating it casually, making puns and assumptions. Your comments are offensive to those included in your assumptions and you show no compassion for his family. He may be a horrible person (we don’t know yet as he hasn’t been convicted) but there are at least two families out there suffering over this and this “cheeky” attitude is not helping.

  • Caitlin

    “The bad apple doesn’t fall far from a woman beating tree” – wow, what an ignorant, harmful and blanketing statement about abuse victims.

    I realize you did put the qualifier ‘bad’ into your statement, but you obviously don’t understand that victims often shame themselves into believing they’re “bad” and that they deserve to be mistreated. To suggest that children from abusive households are destined to harm others, perpetuates the idea that you can’t break the cycle of abuse.

    Shame on you Koa Beck.

  • Byron

    I find that for every boy growing up with an abusing father who thinks “Woah, my dad’s so cool for beating my mom, when I grow up I’ll do just the same to my wife!” there’s 10 that think “I’ll never be like him!”. I was one of them. I’d cut my arm off before hitting my girl. This article is funny in it’s own way and I don’t mind humor, so I won’t berate ya for it.

    Just…wanted to offer my perspective on the matter as a son of a relatively abused mom.

  • Lisa

    What a horribly written article! Both in terms of the assumptions made and the grammar used.

  • Jennifer

    “Super Noteworthy?” An interest in mortuary science? A dad with a rap sheet? This is noteworthy? I enjoy the articles on Mommyish but this one is just inflammatory and without substance. Not to mention the offensive statement regarding the “woman-beating tree.”