Vanessa Minnillo Left The House, So That Must Mean She’s ‘Showing Off’ Her ‘Post-Baby Bod’

I know it’s shocking that new mom Vanessa Minnillo might want to leave the house, but it doesn’t translate into an open¬†invitation to “look at my post-baby body!”¬†¬† Unfortunately,¬†when she told¬†husband Nick Lachey that she was heading out to run errands and grab a¬†bite to eat, the tabloids¬†took it as a cue she was ready for her mandatory postpartum body¬†debut.¬† Despite her entirely appropriate and modest outfit, Us Weekly invites you to see her “incredible post-baby body,” labels her “one hot mama,” and opines that she “showed off” her shape.¬† When I saw the photos, the only thing that made my jaw drop was how far¬†this story was off target.

Of course, there are those celebrity mothers who give in to the media pressure to look perfect the first time¬†they venture out after baby.¬† The tabloids dangle the MILF label – will she or won’t she be? – and these new moms¬†know all eyes are on them.¬† They put on¬†their eight-inch stilettos, face full of make-up, wearing something¬†to play up the¬†only true benefit of a postpartum body — the¬†nursing cleavage.¬†¬† Vanessa Minnillo on the other hand looks like a mom going to the post-office.¬†¬† She looks like she has other things going on in her life other than simply¬†worrying about¬†the race to lose the baby weight.

Just one month after giving birth to baby Camden John,¬†Minnillo¬†stepped out in something comfortable but cute.¬† She’s wearing a flowing red top with what looks like jeggings or comfortable skinny jeans.¬† Despite the deplorable zoom-in feature on the published shots, you cannot even tell if the pants have an elastic waistband (I’m going to pretend they do).¬† It’s an outfit that says “I still care about myself even though I am a mother now,” without¬†giving¬†into the¬†impossible weight loss myth or the pressure of those first paparazzi shots of a new mom.¬†¬† And she did it 100% right.¬† The tabloids, however, got it all wrong.

(photo:  Miguel Aguilar/Sam Sharma/PCN

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