• Fri, Oct 12 2012

Morning Feeding: 6 Hilarious Signs You’re Dressing Too Much Like Your Kids

I’m referring, of course, to the mom who dresses a little too much like her kids (The Stir)

Martha Raddatz rocked (DoubleX)

Quadruplets born to cancer patient (Parents.com)

Five things divorced parents actually do right (YourTango)

Peter Facinelli has opened up about being a divorced parent (Celeb Baby Laundry)

Patti Smith wants Kristen Stewart to play her (The Frisky)

A lazy person’s guide to giving blood (The Hairpin)

A natural way to treat insomnia (YouBeauty)

10 reasons to date someone younger (HuffPo Women)

Is elective induction a good idea? (Babble)

(photo: Arthurio/ Shutterstock)

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