Halloween Costumes For Kids That Aren’t Skanky, Racist, Or Pink

With Halloween fast approaching, most of us are trying to find our kids costumes that aren’t skanky, stupid, or racist. My kids still have no idea what they want to be yet, and all though I’m great at last minute costume ideas and quickly fashioning something I find using thrifted items, a glue gun, and some dollar store trinkets I still like the idea of just being able to purchase something ready-made so I can put my energy into more worthy endeavors, like watching bad horror movies and draping my bushes with dime store cobwebs. There are many cute costumes out there, and here are some of my favorites I have discovered while scouring the ‘net. Halloween costumes for kids don’t have to make them end up looking like pint-size pimps or in a pink superhero outfit. But if my own kids don’t go for any of these, I’m dressing all the boys and girl as Honey Boo Boo.

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  • ipsedixit010

    I kind of want to dress my toddler as a lawn gnome 24/7. Just to throw the neighbors off.

    • http://www.xojane.com/author/eve Eve Vawter

      Now I want to have another baby to do the same thing!

  • LoveyDovey

    There’s another version of Adventure Time where all the genders are switched, so you could have a little girl go as Fiona or a boy as the Bubblegum Prince.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Goldie-Treasure/100001545308532 Goldie Treasure

    Lol I am so dressing as Honey Boo Boo for a Halloween party.

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