• Thu, Oct 4 2012

Morning Feeding: Will The New Autism Diagnostic Criteria Affect Your Services?

The newly proposed diagnostic criteria for autism may result in less help for parents.  Learn how to protect your child.  (Parents.com)

Making divorce easier begins at mom’s new home.  (The Stir)

Jennifer Garner takes Sera and Sam to breakfast.  (Celeb Baby Laundry)

Kids aren’t the only annoying people on planes: 10 behaviors that should be illegal.  (The Frisky)

Beauty Q&A: demystifying cocktail chic.  (The Hairpin)

In sickness and in health?  Majority of Americans say no.  (Your Tango)

Study shows we may be born with a defense against societal images (and what you can do if you don’t have the gene).  (HuffPo Women)

DIY recipes for homemade beauty products.  (YouBeauty)

Giving direction: in support of female perspectives behind the cameras.  (DoubleX)

October is National Bullying Prevention Month (Babble)

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