Look At Jennifer Lopez Trying To Wrangle Her Bored 4-Year-Old At Fashion Week

Taking very young children to conventionally grownup events is always a gamble, and judging by Jennifer Lopez‘s mommy and me venture to Fashion Week Paris, it would seem her circumstances were no exception. The mother of two was seated front row at the Spring 2013 Chanel show along with her 4-year-old daughter Emme and boyfriend Casper Smart. Despite the many pretty dresses and I’m sure wealth of other distractions, the kid was captured looking bored out of her mind at the event. Somebody clearly forgot to pack an iPad.

Enjoy the familiar progression of events here:

Even with her dashing 25-year-old boyfriend, a fancy clutch, and eyeful of flashy thigh, the mother is seen sporting the classic tactics. From kissy faces to “mommy loves you, now please sit still,” to the very visible, “I’m going to see this last look come down the runway and you’re just going to have to deal with it.” Clearly, boyfriend Casper isn’t looking to be implicated in this parenting cornerstone. Just keep the sunglasses on and look away.

(photo: WENN.com)

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  • Ipsedixit010

    I’m sorry, this is just rude. Rude to the designer. Rude the models. Rude to the guy on the left who has to deal with a flailing kid because someone decided to take their four year old to an event they cannot handle. Things are “conventionally grown-up” for a reason.

    • goofyjj

      I guess she thinks she is entitled because she is a celebrity.

    • LiteBrite

      My thoughts exactly.

  • http://www.facebook.com/AdriannaGrezak Adrianna Grężak

    This reminds me of the Rachel Zoe episode where she was disappointed that she was having a son instead of a daughter, because she had images of having a little girl in a dress on her lap during fashion shows. I automatically thought it was foolish to think that a daughter would have any interest in a fashion show (or fashion, for that matter) just because she’s female. Lopez’s daughter doesn’t even have her own seat – clearly Lopez had the same naive fantasy.

  • BrendaKilgour

    One wonders if people such as this ever have a moment where they don’t need to be the center of attention.

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