I Love Luvs For This Amazingly Great Commercial That Showcases Public Breastfeeding

Even though Luvs is a diaper company, big props for them for showcasing public breastfeeding in this new commercial. I think this is a hilarious ad, and as a mom who breastfed, I can totally relate.

Some commenters on the Luvs website, cannot relate. At all:

Luvs should stick to selling diapers and stay out of the politics! I found the ad tasteless and crude. I was watching a family movie and my boys had to see this.

Oh no! Your boys had to see what breasts were designed for? I’m so sorry. What if you actually had to tell them that some women use their breasts for feeding their children? The horror!

I personally have never seen a woman breastfeeding in public. I have seen a woman holding her child on her lap with a blanket thrown over the both of them. I have never actually seen a child eating from a breast in public, ever. And if I did, I wouldn’t bat an eye. And if my sons did, and they asked me about it, I would simply remind them of how they ate food for the first year of their lives. If my sons saw this Luvs breastfeeding commercial, they are mature enough, and smart enough, where they would probably just think it is funny, especially the little boy at the end giving the flustered waiter the stink eye. Sure, this commercial has nothing to do with diapers, but Luvs is scoring points with moms with this breastfeeding commercial, and moms are major diaper consumers. It may not increase diaper sales for the Luvs company, but it sure does make me feel all warm and fuzzy towards the brand.

Another comment reads:

Okay people of Luvs… The bare breastfeeding mom is a little over the top. I mean come on, ANY woman whipping the girls out in public is looking for nothing but attention.  There is no need. I myself am a nursing mother and use a nursing cover (available in all colors and patterns, very trendy!). Yes, even after childbirth I have a little bit of modesty left.

Or else her child is hungry. And maybe she forgot her nursing blanket in the car. Or maybe she just realizes that her child’s needs are more important than someone’s perception that she is just “whipping the girls out for attention.”  I think if you asked the majority of nursing moms why they nurse in public without a “trendy” nursing coverup they are doing it just because they need to feed their baby. Not because they need attention.

Big props to Luvs for this commercial and for all the moms out there who breastfeed in public. And yes, it does get easier with your second child.

(Photo: Youtube)

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  • Michelle

    The only time I’ve seen breast feeding in public without a blanket was at a theme park where a woman just lifted up her shirt while walking and her kid that was around 2 had her boob shoved in his mouth. She had a lot of kids with her so I guess with each one you stop caring even more.

  • lizzielizzie

    OK, the ‘She’s already ordered!’ line absolutely slays me. :) Awesome.

  • http://www.facebook.com/helen.donovan.31 Helen Donovan

    Breast feeding – great. In public – O.K. Mom getting attitude because a young (probably no kids) waiter is monetarily take aback, not cool. It explains a lot abut the lack of acceptance for public BF. If a mom says “I’ll do it when & where I like” and “I don’t care if it makes people uncomfortable,” (she could have easily pulled her cardigan over her shoulders and bit more over the nursing side) she doesn’t have the right to get pissy if people look. Babies get attention, boobs get attention, put the 2 together and the natural inclination is to look. The waiter was, as you said “flustered,” not disapproving, not sexual/creepy. Give him 10 seconds to pull himself together before getting on his case. As for the boy’s “stink eye,” looks more like he’s having a BM.

  • Eliza

    It’s cute, but as the mom of an only child, it just reinforces the idea that I’m not a real parent, or an expert parent. They could have made it better by saying “First time in public” and maybe “50th time in public” or something like that…

  • Why?

    “I think if you asked the majority of nursing moms why they nurse in public without a “trendy” nursing coverup they are doing it just because they need to feed their baby. Not because they need attention.”
    I get that..but is it really that difficult to nurse with a coverup? It is not that difficult to pack one up in the diaper bag so that you don’t “forget it in the car”. Every time I fed my son, I used a coverup. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.
    People can eat with their mouth open, making noises and announcing their opinions..does that mean they should and people should be ok with it?
    People can make out in public at a restaurant..does that mean they should and you wouldn’t mind PDA all around you?
    People can pee on the sidewalk against a building..does that mean they should and you shouldn’t mind it because it is just a bodily function?
    Now, I am not saying any of these actions are the same as breastfeeding (not trying to be confrontational). I just want to hear from someone why they think they need to feed without a coverup when there is that option.

    • Erin

      I gave up on covering up with a blanket because a) my kid would get super hot and sweaty and kick it off and b) even when it’s not hot my kid is super active (even while feeding) and many times would kick or pull it off. I feel like I’m more successful being discreet in public when I don’t use a coverup, (by wearing clothing that makes it easier to be discreet [nursing cami w/a loose-ish t-shirt], or finding a more shielded/private place) because I’m not relying on the cover which my kid then yanks off unexpectedly.