Honey Boo Boo Gets Fat Shamed By Abby Lee Miller Because The World Needs More Kid Bullying

 Honey Boo Boo may not be everyone’s cup of tea and you may not watch her amazingly popular television show but I think we can all agree, being shitty about a kid’s weight sucks it. TMZ has exclusive footage of Dance Moms baby bully Abby Lee Miller fat-n-fitness shaming 7-year-old-Honey Boo Boo outside of a restaurant in West Hollywood:

Dance Moms” head honcho Abby Lee Miller is offering up health advice to 7-year-old reality star Honey Boo Boo … telling TMZ, Boo Boo needs to be down with the fitness if she wants to win pageants.

Miller was at the Abbey in West Hollywood when she admitted she wasn’t happy with her own weight issues — but moments later started ripping HBB … saying she “needs to get in shape. She needs to be at a dance studio. She needs to be training. She needs to work on her turnout.”

At this point in her young life, all Honey Boo Boo needs to do is go to school. And get a good night’s sleep. And play outside. And maybe add some broccoli and milk to her Cheeezy Poofs breakfast. Sure, Honey Boo Boo rose to faux fame by being a child beauty pageant contestant featured on Toddlers and Tiaras, and she still competes in these glitter and sequin-encrusted vomit-fests, but at this point, Honey Boo Boo is so popular and charming that she could compete in science fairs and her fans would love her just as much. And everyone loves her! Just ask Simon Doonan:

 I’m concerned for her future, but I’m optimistic. She’s today’s Shirley Temple. I’m a big proponent of child pageants. I would have loved to be in one when I was a kid.

Honey Boo Boo doesn’t need to be a future Miss America. No kid needs to have this aspiration. Maybe she will continue to compete in pageants. Maybe she won’t. But even if she does, there is something so refreshing about Honey Boo Boo not looking identical to all of the other Stepford sequined contestants. She may not be the correct size for someone like Abby Lee Miller. I think those of us who have watched the show can agree that her family may not have the healthiest dietary habits, but then again, this is a television show. For all we know, when the cameras are turned off Honey Boo Boo and her family could be chowing down on salmon and steamed vegetables.

I think adults fat shaming little kids is bullshit. If a child’s pediatrician is concerned about their patient’s health due to excess weight or fitness levels it’s one thing. Hopefully a doctor can approach this subject with a child and their parents in a way that isn’t damaging to the child’s self-esteem. But for some stranger like Abbey Lee Miller to slag on little Honey Boo Boo is just adult-on-kid bullying. She should save her nastiness for the poor kids who actually take her dance classes.

(Photo: TLC)

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  • CW

    No WAY is Mama June feeding her family healthy foods off-camera. One look at the family and that should be obvious. The whole lot of them needs to go on “Celebrity Fit Club” or one of the other weight loss shows.

    • Andrea

      They are pretty gross.

  • Justme

    Pot….meet kettle.

    • http://www.facebook.com/holly.hastings2 Holly Ellard


  • Andrea

    Not that I am justifying this, but what do expect when you pimp your child out in national TV? That nobody is gonna have anything to say? I can’t protect my kids from bullying 100% of the times, but sure I am not going to be white trash enough to put an kid (who IS by the way, overweight) on national TV to open themselves up to ridicule.

    Maybe mom should be a little less concerned about pimping her daughter and more concerned about making sure she gets a good education. You know, so that she doesn’t have to rely on her good “looks” to make money

    • Andrea

      And gawd almighty do I have a lot of grammar errors in here. My apologies.

  • Another Steph

    Everything about this article is just so wrong.

  • MouserMe

    Wait. Please forgive if I’m missing the whole story, but how does saying a child needs to be ‘down with fitness’ equate to bullying? Georgia put up billboards of overweight children as a part of their campaign to end obesity in kids and that’s okay, but telling HBB to ‘get in shape’ is reason for public outcry?

  • MommyK

    Abby Lee Miller is one of the last people who should be lecturing ANYBODY about physical fitness. Perhaps she’s a bit jealous of Honey Boo Boo’s ratings?

    • derp

      Abby Lee Miller doesn’t do pageants. She specifically said “if she wants to win pageants”.

    • MommyK

      I didn’t say anything about pageants?

  • kathleen

    Abby Lee Miller is wrong to criticize a child in public, not to mention having questionable ways of teaching small children and interacting with them. Honey Boo Boo does not appear to consume a healthy diet, probably because Honey Boo Boo’s mother does not seem to have even a nodding acquaintance with what constitutes a healthy diet.

    The whole thing is just inane.

  • Carlie

    she probably wasn’t serious, it is like when she tells everyone “point your feet” and that stuff, she was in her crazy dance teacher from tv mode.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YCRHXS57Q6GKPISZNWQ7RGCUEM Rick

    “but then again, this is a television show. For all we know, when the cameras are turned off Honey Boo Boo and her family could be chowing down on salmon and steamed vegetables.”

    It is always amazing when stupidity gets taken to the next level.

  • dghfdgjhfder

    how does abby lee say anythig she looks like a overweight hippo

  • Norman Hoznor

    Who would pay that fat nazi to bully there kids the way she does?

  • zoee