Tabloids Spew Bullshit, Turn Tori Spelling’s Emergency Surgery Into ‘Baby Weight’ Crisis

Tori SpellingI think we’ve all began to understand that most tabloids print a whole lot of lies. Or stretched, exaggerated, presumptuous half-truths, if you’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt. The ability of national magazines to just throw facts out of the window completely and run headlines claiming that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant with twins or Kate Middleton is suffering from infertility is insane, and yet oddly accepted by modern culture. But I still feel like it’s important for us to point out particularly egregious bits of nastiness and falsehood, like claiming that Tori Spelling‘s recent emergency surgery was just a “baby weight” crisis, as Star just did.

Tori Spelling just had her second c-section in less than a year. That’s a pretty enormous stress on a woman’s body. Repeat c-sections and having children in really close succession can lead to a multitude of medical issues. So while it’s still scary and a serious situation, it is not unbelievable that the actress turned reality star would need an emergency surgery due to complications from her recent delivery of little Finn Davey.

Want to know what is unbelievable? The idea of a celebrity pretending to have a medical emergency so that they can hide some some elective cosmetic work, as Star is suggesting. The tabloid claims that Spelling “was so determined to get back to her pre-baby weight that she first began starving herself, and lost patience and scheduled surgery for more immediate results.” Of course some random, horrible person “pal” came to them with this sketchy information.

This friend goes on to note, “She’s always felt depressed when she gains weight, and she’s had trouble losing weight after her fourth child.” It should be noted here that little Finn was born on August 30th. So if Tori is really having trouble losing weight, she hasn’t had a whole lot of time to freak out about it yet. She went into the hospital a mere two weeks after giving birth.

This story takes the “baby weight” coverage in the media to a whole new level. To take a personal medical issue and turn it into another tired story about celebrities racing to shed the weight is not just wrong, it’s irresponsible. (Not to mention idiotic. Spelling is not that huge of a celebrity that her every step is watched. If she wanted to sneak away for a procedure, I’m sure she could manage it.)

In case Star was unaware, birth complications are serious business. Women still die from complications, and c-sections are the most dangerous of all. This is a mother of four whose life could have been in jeopardy. We don’t know, because the family is staying relatively silent. And given their penchant for sharing information with the press, I think that would be even more proof that this was a serious issue. So maybe we shouldn’t joke about it or spin bullshit to sell a few magazines.

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  • NotThatRebecca

    Thank you.
    God, my whole body hurts just imagining two babies that close together, let alone two C-sections that close together. This is about as funny as taking potshots at someone having heart surgery.
    I don’t think this should be turned into A Story if they don’t want it to, and the (uncharacteristically) close-mouthed way they’re handling it suggests they don’t – and that’s fine. But if there is a useful PSA lesson to be drawn, it’s nothing to do with baby weight (WTF? As if any licensed doctor would do a tummy tuck on a woman two weeks post partum, apart from all the other idiocy) and might be about how a. back to back babies are a strain on the body, and women need to take extra care in those situations and b. C-sections, while sometimes necessary, are a big deal, as the author indicates are a source of medical risk, and shouldn’t be taken lightly.
    I don’t particularly like her and never watch her show, but I so hope she’s ok, and that her husband and kids are holding up, and that she can bond with and enjoy her baby despite this nightmare.