5 Seriously Adorable Facts About The Obama Marriage

obama marriageThe Obamas swung by The View today to do a little fluffy PR now that we’re getting into serious election crunch time. Although Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have each appeared on The View couches separately, today marks their first joint appearance. And my goodness were they adorable.

Lots of hand holding and mild swooning as they cooed about one another’s importance, both in their private lives and in their separate professions. But in addition to talking foreign affairs, freedom of speech, and Mitt Romney criticism, the First Couple shared some cutesy couple-y facts. From their post-presidency plans to who gets the last word to their bedtime routine, we learned just enough to keep us googly-eyed.

(photo:  Photo Pool/Anwar Hussein Collection/WENN.com)

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  • BrendaKilgour

    The Middle East and economic policies are a complete failure, the Constitution is being assaulted on a regular basis, but the Weapon of Mass Distraction are working well.

    • http://twitter.com/SrsBiznis Srs Biznis

      Please, tell us more of your ramblings.

    • trustmeI’malawprofessor

      Just once, I’d like one of the Tea Bag types who squawk about the “Constitution being assaulted” to point out what, exactly, they are talking about. What part of the Constitution do you imagine is being “assaulted on a regular basis”? Really, be honest; have you ever even read the Constitution? Or do you just listen to what Rush, Fox, and Drudge tell you it says?