Jessica Simpson Wore Cut Off Denim Shorts And People Are Foaming At The Mouth

Jessica Simpson weightJessica Simpson threw on some cut-off denim shorts yesterday and tabloids had a field day. No nip slip shot required. Everyone from Us Weekly to the predictable Daily Mail is a buzz with her outfit choice (or her stylist’s) with a handful of publications suggesting that she is back in her 2005 Daisy Dukes. Tell me, why is it that whenever women have children, the press insists on consistently comparing their bodies to a pre-baby time?

Clearly, pre-baby bodies are the gold standard of hotness by which all women in the entertainment industry assert themselves economically. And it’s within this same tenacious convention that women who have children, and thus — surprise, surprise — their bodies change, must constantly be doomed to stare at pictures of themselves pre-pregnancy. Here enters that obligatory nude photo shoot that so many celebrity mothers partake in nowadays in which the public is invited to study every inch of their form for even the slightest hint of pregnancy. No big shock here, but the ladies who can fool their audiences are the winners. Gold stars for those who can convince even the skeptical eye that they’ve never produced human life.

But even Jessica Simpson, who has been actively proclaiming that she’s “not a supermodel” as a walking billboard for Weight Watchers, is not exempt. While her very public dedication to weight loss no doubt prompts others to crane their necks as she dons cut-off shorts, the fact that the press is so quick to usher her next to those pre-baby Daisy Duke images goes a considerable step further. The not so subtle jab is just what media outlets have been waiting for, as God forbid she throw on a tank top she once wore in 1999 and not resemble that same, exactly svelte, 19-year-old.

As uncomfortable as it may be for all parties under patriarchal ideals of beauty, women’s bodies do change after carrying a human. Shocking, I know. But the sooner we can culturally swallow that truth, the sooner we can get away from the desperateness to constantly compare them to their pre-baby forms.

(photo: David Tonnessen,

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  • Love4Tax

    This photo shows boobs, not shorts?

  • Katie

    As a new mom, I agree that bodies change after carrying a child. However, I know a lot of women who use motherhood as an excuse to let themselves go. They eat too much of the wrong things during pregnancy, then they act like pregnancy is what turned their bodies to mush. That’s not a strong or healthy example to set for our children, and it’s not a respectful way to treat ourselves.

    • Jess McCloskey

      Do we really need “an excuse” to let ourselves go? I never understand this position–did every woman sign a contract to maintain a particular shape and weight and now they’re having to be drug through the court system to make them adhere to their agreement rather than ‘make excuses’?

      If a woman doesn’t feel like losing weight post-baby–or pre-baby or anti-baby–then what of it? It really isn’t a matter of letting the side down or getting up your nose. It’s really no one’s business other than possibly the people who are in relationships with said woman’s body.

  • quinn

    I love this article. I am not a celebrity or a model,and that pressure is still so great on us normal women to snap back into shape at lightning speed, and it is directly attributed to the ideals in Hollywood that are plastered over every news story and magazine cover that we see as we are checking out at the grocery store.
    I lost all my baby weight and I looked fabulous and my friends and family were astounded. Know how long it took me?? Almost 10 months!! That is realistic. Oh, but even though the weight was gone, my body proportions have still shifted and I don’t anticipate that they will ever be exactly the same, but I’m ok with that.
    Heidi Klum hopping on the runway 6 weeks post-birth is something she was only able to achieve by vigorous workouts several times a day and severe caloric restriction. She said it was miserable, and it certainly didn’t leave her much time to actually sleep, recover, and bond with her baby (not to be judgy, I’m sure she’s a fantastic mom). Either way, in Hollywood it’s becoming a race to see who can lose their weight the fastest and then pose in a bikini.

  • Shauna Parini


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