Kourtney Kardashian Brings Birthing Exploitation To New Heights With Soon To Be Copyrighted Vagina Pulling

Not surprisingly, Penelope Scotland Disick wasn’t even completely out of her mother’s body before E! cameras were there to capture her arrival. You’d think they would have at least waited until the afterbirth was wiped from her bluish little body. But what would be the Kardashian incentive for that?

Last night, E! released the long-awaited footage of baby Penelope coming into the world. And in true Kardashian fashion, Kourtney Kardashian‘s invited in the public to witness every moment, including her reaching down and pulling her daughter into existence. Just as she did for son Mason, Kourtney was hardly bashful about sliding her infant daughter from her birth canal and onto her breast.

As powerful as such a moment is, that little E! imprint on the bottom right-hand corner cheapens such a timeless display of life by reminding us what we’re actually watching in the first place. Not just a birth, but a fundamental money making opportunity specifically reserved for the Keeping Up With the Kardashians finale episode. Rosie Pope better go back to the drawing board with her live tweeted delivery because a new bar in birth exploitation has officially been cleared and it’s punctuated with filmed vagina pulling. Expect that “method” to be copyrighted and launched with a book tour, Kardashian style.

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  • http://www.xojane.com/author/eve Eve Vawter

    I love the name Penelope and now it is ruined for me. :( Also, nothing welcomes a new baby into the world more than a bunch of men smacking their gum, keep it Klassy Kardashians.

  • kate

    wow. i didnt need to see that. and i was already having a crappy monday…

  • http://www.facebook.com/laura.eddingsparry Laura Eddings Parry

    It definitely cheapened such a beautiful moment but I still wanna say it’s nice to hear about a celebrity not giving birth via voluntary cesarean for once. It was nice how calm everyone was. I’m curious to know how they were able to fit that many people into a L&D room though.

    • Cee

      Yes, because ALL celebrities give birth “via voluntary cesarean.” You probably tout the line “too posh to push’ all the time, huh?

  • ali

    Actually it was not E cameras there filming, they used their own home movie footage. And like anything else, if you don’t like it then change the damn channel. It amazes me how negative this site is about the Kardashians, yet feel the need to write a few articles about every. single. episode.

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