J.K. Rowling’s Children Officially To Get Luxury Playhouse, Should Not Expect Xmas Gifts

JK RowlingCan’t say that it wouldn’t be lovely to be JK Rowling‘s young son or daughter right now. David, aged nine, and Mackenzie, aged seven, not only have a mother who penned one of the most popular children’s series in decades and therefore spawned an entire kiddie franchise. Their mommy also officially got the okay to build them a £250,000 Harry Potter-esque playhouse, despite the protests of neighbors. Butter beers all around!

The Daily Mail reports that the 40-ft high designs, complete with secret tunnels, big windows, balconies, and slides, was protested by neighbors. Local residents reportedly didn’t like that the massive fairytale commune could be seen from the road. Rowling submitted her plans to the Edinburgh City Council in July and apparently everything is A-OK for construction. Members of Cramond and Barnton community council reportedly appealed the decision because “they claimed a gap in a line of trees in her garden mean the tree houses will be visible to passers-by.”

But despite concerns about offending neighborhood aesthetics and safety, Rowling is now free to break ground. And should also expect a spectacular Mother’s Day brunch next year followed by 365 days of very, very well-behaved kiddies.

(photo: Lia Toby/WENN.com)

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  • Melinda

    Really? “Should not expect X-mas gifts?” *eyeroll*

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  • http://anitasnotebook.com Anita

    Weird that the neighbors would complain about it being visible from the road. Either she has some ridiculously snooty neighbors or they are worried about the possibility of crowds coming by just to gawk at the tree houses or something (the only somewhat reasonable thing I could think of that they might be worried about). I hope it’s the latter because otherwise those neighbors are acting like jerks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jen-Clark/100000568225513 Jen Clark

    I really can’t stand that, you want to build something fantastic for your family, like a new shed, dog house, mini playground, play house or tree house, mini golf course or even an addition to your home, like new paint, an extra room, a garden etc. And there’s always some snooty, busy body ass neighbors, committee or organization that try to thwart your plans and tell you what you can and cant do with your property, that you own and paid for.

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