In Which I Predict Jessica Simpson’s First ‘Post-Baby Interview’ With Katie Couric

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  • Moira

    Why does everyone in this site hate Jessica Simpson?

  • ali

    She is no different than any other celebrity mom. What about Jessica Alba and her company? All celeb moms love to say how wonderful and magical mommyhood is, never a bad day. It’s unrealistic and if we all realize that maybe we should start ignoring it.

    • Andrea

      I can see why, unfortunately. If they ever say a bad thing about motherhood, they would be attacked as not loving their children, people would say what right do they have to complain when they can afford nannies and housekeepers, etc.

  • wjr

    My prediction is, having failed to lose the required amount of weight to hang onto her weight watcher’s contract, Jessica will announce a second pregnancy. She will lie and say she lost a lot of weight on the plan, but got pregnant as a way to save face and go back to eating with abandon…oops, I mean she had to quit because of the “surprise” pregnancy.

    The rest of the ‘interview’ will be an infomercial for the wiglets and other stuff she pretends to design.

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