Reese Witherspoon’s Baby Really Wants To Be A Preemie

Reese WitherspoonSoon-to-be mommy of three Reese Witherspoon is expecting another baby this fall but the little guy or girl is trying to arrive early. Despite her September due date, the Oscar-winning actress is holed up in a hospital under the observation of doctors. Everyone on deck is trying to prolong the baby’s womb time — and for good reason.

RadarOnline reports that Reese’s medical team is trying to prevent an early labor so that she’ll carry the baby to term. Since even shaving off a few weeks at the later end of pregnancy can impact a baby’s development, the actress is clearly in good hands. Meanwhile, supportive husband Jim Toth is having a bit of a freak out:

“Jim is really worried about the baby. He’s a first-time father so this is all really new to him and he just wants everything to be okay,” the source revealed.

“He’s a bundle of nerves. Meanwhile, this will be Reese’s third child, so she’s been through this before and she’s trying to keep him calm.”

Leave it to a birth veteran to keep it copacetic in the maternity ward.

(photo: Lia Toby/

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  • Maggie

    It’s Jim Toth, not Jim Roth!

    • Koa Beck

      Thank you!

  • K.

    I’m fairly certain that whatever due-date celebrities announce to the press is way off–for good reason.

  • Serena

    A baby born a few weeks early isn’t necessarily a preemie. 40 weeks is the average gestation period, but 37 weeks is considered full-term. I was born at 36 weeks and this is considered premature; I was completely fine and released from the hospital within a day. I’m sure Reese and her baby will be fine!

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  • Courtney Puzzo

    um you nimrods are forgetting she’s also of advanced maternal age 35 & it’s her 3rd kid plus older mothers are more prone to premature delivery. by the way Reese is still very much pregnant her doctors put her on modified bed rest until she delivers to prevent an early birh

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