Talk About Awkward Family Photos! Vanessa Lachey’s Baby Bump Is A Must-See

We’re no strangers to seeings pregnant celebs tweeting out baby bump photos for all the world to see. In fact, Mommywood types are sharing everything from pregnancy cravings to actual baby pics via Twitter and, well, we’ve kind of grown used to it by now. That said, Vanessa Lachey‘s latest pregnancy pic left us howling.

I don’t think for one minute Lachey was trying to be funny or ironic, which is what makes the shot all the more entertaining. In fact, it looks like it’s straight out of Awkward Family Photos!

First of all, have you ever seen a shinier bump? I’m telling you, she used baby oil. I mean, look at that thing – it’s blinding! Second, check out Nick Lachey‘s expression. He looks like he’s ready to vomit. Plus, that fake smile just screams, “Shit! How’d I get into this mess?!”

“My Happiness… My Family! Ahh, My Boys,” the 31-year-old Wipeout host wrote along with the pic. Their first child is due in September, and the couple has revealed it’s a boy (they’re thinking Colin JohnC.J. for short – as his name). Back in March, Vanessa was as upfront as possible about wanting a boy, tweeting, “I just always envisioned a boy 1st to take care of his siblings.” (Yeah, that.)

We do wish this couple the best of luck but, man, that photo. It has totally made my morning.


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  • NotThumper

    Wow…what an unnecessarily rude article. She looks happy, as she should. Nick looks a little awkward but so do a lot of men. I think it’s a nice photo.

  • Kelly

    Bitter much? I think they look adorable.

  • LiteBrite

    This isn’t even remotely close to Awkward Family Photos, IMO. Vanessa is beaming, and yeah, Nick looks a little awkward but trust me; so did my husband when I was enormously pregnant. Let’s cut him some slack.

    Oh, and I didn’t even notice how shiny her bump was until it was pointed out.

  • D.Y

    Oh, please. I wish I would have had a team of people to spray tan my big fat ass and stretch marks and do my hair and make up when I was hugely pregnant. Because I’m sure that she just woke up looking like that. Everytime I see a magazine article trying to convince me that celebrities are just like us common folk, it makes me want to punch an elderly person. (well, maybe nothing violent, just knock their walker out from under them)

    • Gia

      Seriously. If you make it a point to look well and kept up during your pregnancy, you will feel better about yourself and your changing body. I didn’t have a single stretch mark. I made an effort to dress nicely and to do my hair and makeup. Just because I was toting around an extra 30-50 lbs didn’t mean I needed to wear a scrunchie and PJ pants. Just saying.

  • Jenna

    Omg, awkward family photos was the first thing I thought too when I first saw this, I can’t believe someone wrote about it! Sorry but it made me laugh, especially that shiny bump.

  • Elorra Mac

    I have seen awkward pregnancy pics and this doesn’t even come close. It is a really bitchy article. It seems you didn’t have anything to write about so you had to make something up.

  • yayaso

    Bitter much? Is this Jessica Simpson writing this article?

  • Mister

    As much as I enjoy rolling my eyes at annoying parents I have to say I find myself rolling my eyes more at this site. You broads bitch and moan about everything. No wonder why no man is interested in reproducing with you – your vaginas are probably freezing cold with teeth. So her stomach is shiny and he has a fake smile? If he was doing anything else you would make a remark about that too.

  • alicia

    ok.. the bump is shiny… so yes, she probably did just put some sort of oil on her skin to prevent stretch marks. Most of us slathered some kind of lotion or oil over our skin too. I used this cocoa butter/coconut oil blend my grandmother swore by, and still ended up looking like Freddy Kruger went to town. Laugh away. And Nick really does look awkward. BUT, they probably used the webcam on a laptop, which always produces awkward pictures, because you are NEVER looking in the right places. The thing that I find humorous in this picture is the beauty pageant hair style, while everything else screams chilling at home. Maybe they just got home from church, or Sunday morning brunch, or something equally fancy, and Vanessa did what I do, and said I’m getting comfy, and left the hair they way it was. More power to her. that said, why do we feel the need to tear apart every little thing every other person does. give them a break. would you want some one doing this with a picture of you on your worst day ever?

  • Amaya

    I love the picture, and she is doing what should be done…to help minimize stretch marks.

    …this is only the second article I have read on this site, and so far two thumbs down.

    One more and I will be shining this place, it’s writers are dildos. ; P