Boy Scouts Absolutely Don’t Want Anything To Do With Your Gay Son

boy scouts of americaThe Girl Scouts are leaving their male counterparts in the dust with regard to progressive, inclusive policies! The organization’s PR team got right on the wire last year when word got out that a transgender little girl was denied membership, touting tolerance for girls of all stripes. But crafting transgender policy for kids is looking like a long way away for the Boy Scouts considering that the organization officially just reaffirmed their “no gays allowed” clubhouse sign.

ABC news reports that after a two-year review, Boy Scouts of America is sticking to excluding gay members, adults and children. The organization’s national spokesman, Deron Smith, says that the decision was unanimous between professional Scout executives and adult volunteers. Bob Mazzuca, a Boy Scout executive, maintains that this kind of intolerance is exactly what Boy Scouts members want:

“The vast majority of the parents of youth we serve value their right to address issues of same-sex orientation within their family, with spiritual advisers and at the appropriate time and in the right setting,” Mazzuca said. “We fully understand that no single policy will accommodate the many diverse views among our membership or society.”

One policy may not “accommodate” a slew of views regarding same-sex relationships, but there’s only one view that upholds respect for them — and that is acceptance. No one is asking that the Boy Scouts of America assemble a Pride float or start wearing rainbow wrist bands, although I don’t think I’m alone in stating how awesome that image is.  I share the sentiments of Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, who says that moves like that of the Boy Scouts echo only one idea loud and clear:

“With the country moving toward inclusion, the leaders of the Boy Scouts of America have instead sent a message to young people that only some of them are valued,” he said. “They’ve chosen to teach division and intolerance.”

Don’t forget that a policy like this not only impacts queer children, but many a straight child as well by ensuring them that LGBTQ people are not entitled to partake in the same Boy Scout credos as the rest of them. And infecting children of any ilk with that kind of nonsense really does ensure that everyone loses.

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  • Nicole

    I fully support the rights of all LGBT persons, just like I support organizations that have their own set of rules, and beliefs. There are clubs, organizations, etc.. that are just for African-Americans, Women, Men, Computer Scientists, Catholics, Lawyers, you name it. The Boy Scouts of America are really no different, than any of these groups. They are not federally funded, they are an organization that has a rule set in place for their own reasons. We may not like it, but they have the right to do it.
    Also, just because someone disagrees with someone or something doesn’t mean that person hates someone who does agree with it.

    • BloggerFather

      I disagree. Sure, they are private, but they are also an American institution. There’s a single Boy Scouts organization, so comparing it to just another private club that has the right to honor intolerance is wrong. Also, the blog post talks about the damage done to gay people as well as to society in general, which is true no matter if it’s private or public. The message this American institution is sending is that gay=child abuse. It’s wrong, it’s hurtful, and it should be criticized.

    • Andrea

      They may be an American institution but that doesn’t mean they don’t get to make their own rules. They take ZERO money from the government (i.e. you and your tax dollars), it is not a compulsory organization (i.e. you don’t HAVE to join), and they are supported by their own members. So they get to make their own rules.

      You can criticize all you want. And it won’t do a damn thing. The BSA is a 100 year old institution that has been preparing young men for adulthood in the way they see fit. If you don’t like you, feel free to found your own.

      Oh, and Koa, eff you very much for sensationalizing something so incredibly NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Why don’t you go criticize the NAACP for not including white people?

    • Another Steph

      Yeah, I agree with everything Andrea said, and I actually think it really, really sucks that the Boy Scouts exclude homosexuals, but it’s their right to exclude whoever they want.

  • william clyde

    i support boy scouts without stabbed mom,she became a lesbian manhater.the real haters r the homosexuals that hate the BIBLE,they hate church.gays queers lesbians attack the bible and church more than anybody.queers attck the bible,more than evolutionists,communists muslims catholics.the real anti GOD movement is queer lesbian mom raised me among her gay friends,im against all lesbians gays raising kids.i love all her friends.but demon possessed queers are a satanic influence for kids.i make this blog constantly.some people r born liars,they must lie.some are born murderers.some are born to overeat.some people have the cursing disease.some are born addicted to drugs or alcohol.some are born lazy.some are born nazi,or hateful.some are born athiest.homosexuals might b born the amygdala hippocampus different in lesbians gays.they are still required by GOD to obey the HOLY scriptures.mathew ch17,GOD spoke from sky,v5,to eyewitnesses v1.not a theory,sacred history.deuteronomy ch4 ch5,GOD spoke from sky to all israel,believe n moses forever.GOD never spoke from sky,listen to psychiatrists.that say queer amygdala is different,so obey sins

    • Julie

      Wow. You sound like a hate filled bigot. I bet you’re proud of yourself and your perversion of religion.

    • Wow….

      Insanebot has spoken.

    • Elaine

      Nice of you to drop by, Shirley Phelps.

    • Josh Bruno

      Some are born without the ability to speak properly and type properly. You, sir, fall into that category.

      With that being said, I am a gay christian. I love the Lord with all my heart, and when people like you who claim to be christian and spout your hate come around, you ruin what is supposed to be a loving, and peaceful and inclusive to everybody, regardless of their sins and whatever else might be wrong, because God said to. Nowhere in the bible does it state: God loves liars and overeaters, but hey, only the true good christians belittle, hurt, mock, and destroy homosexuals. I’m fairly confident that there is a certain place in hell for people like you.

  • michelle

    Yea William, those Catholics really do hate the bible…*eyeroll*

  • Jane S.

    Andrea – The Boy Scouts absolutely does have the right to make its own rules, and Koa and BloggerFather absolutely have the right to criticize their decision. The great and frustrating thing about free speech is that everybody gets it. Screaming “NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS” doesn’t work so well when the conversation is about a highly visible national organization, but hey, your right to keep on screamin’.

    Hey, let’s talk about Boy Scouts alternatives. The closest inclusive alternative to Boy Scouts is Camp Fire USA, which unfortunately has only 72 chapters to the BSA’s 294. CSUSA has also been co-ed since 1975 – before then it was Camp Fire Girls – which is OK with me, but one could argue that the BSAs single-sex focus is a boon to boys who are wanting for male role models. 4-H focuses less on outdoorsmanship and more on “lifelong learning” (as opposed to animal husbandry, which was their focus for a long time and my mom’s reason for keeping me out: “You’re afraid of animals, and there’s no place in the backyard to graze a sheep”). Their membership currently stands at 6.5 million to the BSA’s 2.7 mil. Unlike the BSA and CSUSA, 4-H is a public organization administered by the US Department of Agriculture.

    Scouting isn’t compulsory, but I think that scouting organizations in general do kids a great service. Any organization that encourages leadership skills and fosters independent learning among children is, in general, A Good Thing. Nevertheless, no parent should have to donate time and effort (and Boy Scouts requires LOTS of parental effort) to an intolerant organization, and kids should not be raised in an intolerant atmosphere. Girls have it great with the GSA, but in many areas the BSA is the only visible option for boys. Despite 4-Hs strong membership stats and huge annual turnout at the local county fair, it simply wasn’t presented as a viable option at my suburban Oregon elementary school. Neither was Camp Fire; we had a local council for a while, but it appears to have bit the dust. Parents who want their boys to grow up with the benefits of scouting without the anti-gay and anti-atheist baggage are right to be disappointed when the BSA reaffirms its intolerant policies. These parents need to know about local alternatives to the BSA. If there aren’t any local alternatives, they need to contact Camp Fire or 4-H and get a chapter started.

    • Andrea

      Jane: I wish that, when typing, there was an “emphasis” font. I have been around a while, so I know caps = shouting, but most of the time I do it for emphasis. So right there, sorry for causing confusion.

      Second, everything you say is true. But BSA is not about to change. Do you know why? Because the people in it don’t want it to. It is divided up into 300 councils, it employes over 4,000 people, and it has about 3.5 million members. I am a proud member for that organization and so are my sons and husband.

      While I don’t consider myself a homophobe, I really do not want it shoved in my sons’ faces YET. I know that makes me an archaic BITCH (yeah that was yelling), but I do know I am not the only one that has moral objections to homosexuality. I want them to have every single basic right I do. I want them to be able to marry, to be able to adopt children, to be able to love who they want.

      But BSA is what it is and I like it that way. And my pissiness over Koa’s post doesn’t stem from disagreeing with her, but with the fact that everyone screams when a minority is being perceived as being discriminated against. But no one says boo when the opposite happens. Why didn’t she write about the NAACP not including white people? Or the NOW not including men?

      Private institutions that do not take govt money have the right to do as they please. And everyone should just back off.

    • josh bruno

      That’s where you are wrong. Private institutions who discriminate against a group are considered a hate group under U.S. laws. While homosexuality is still a grey area in our country, soon enough, the boyscouts will have to either accept it or shut down. It would be the same thing if they decided to stop allowing African American children to join their ranks. The only difference is, you will always have the people that claim that homosexuality is not a thing you are born with and that it is a moral issue (such as yourself). I believe that is what makes you a bitch (and an uninformed one at that), not the fact that you think the boyscouts can do as they wish.

  • Mrs. Lynn

    The Scouts will never change, I agree that they are free to do as they please and we are free to find something else. Our son will never be in Scouts. I don’t like them and neither does my husband. They’re hypocritical, homophobic and racist. Yes, racist. Look into them, there’s rampant use of Native American appropriation, which is unacceptable considering both my son and husband are Comanche! Solution is simple, don’t try to change them, go somewhere else. They’re not worth it.

  • Mike D.

    NAACP is a civil rights organization. Membership is open to anyone of any race, national origin, religion, etc. They definitely “include” — and welcome — “white people”.

  • Emma

    Oohhh, Of COURSE, because every gay man is a paedophile, that must be why they are excluded!!How silly of me!!

    For goodness sake its the 21st century. I cannot even begin to put into words how offensive it is to actually have a written, anti-gay policy.

    Plus, my brother’s old Akela was DEFINITELY a lesbian. (ok so that was cubs, but even so). Is that also banned? I’m 100% certain there is no such policy here in the uk, thankfully.

  • Guideg

    Boy Scouts Canada openly supports and nurtures both gay boy members and adult leaders…

    This is not a big deal at all!

  • Elaine

    Their announcement makes me embarassed to call myself an American. To equate homosexuality with phedophilia is hateful, disgusting and enormously ignorant. Oh what other countries must think of us when they read our news…

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