• Tue, Jul 10 2012

Morning Feeding: Parents Arrested For Smuggling Baby Boy Through Airport In Mom’s Purse

Airport screening officials had the shock of their lives when they sent a mother’s handbag through the x-ray machine (The Stir)

Blue is for boys, red hearts for girls: the idea of putting girls and boys in separate classrooms (Double X)

Glum-faced Heidi Klum takes kids out to dinner (Celeb Baby Laundry)

Legal custody with limited visitation rights (Parents.com)

Three tips for telling your kids about sex (You Tango)

10 celebs sporting fake baby bumps (The Frisky)

Spiderman and Prometheus: The not-even-mildly-amazing blockbusters of the summer (The Hairpin)

Six delicious summer foods for glowing skin and a sharper mind (YouBeauty)

Why Americans Facebook stalk (HuffPo Women)

My kid is growing up and its weirding both of us out (Babble)

(Photo: AddyTsl/Shutterstock)

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