Snooki, If You Think The Ultrasound Is Gross, Just Wait Til The Baby Gets Here

gma celebs 200612In a recent episode of her reality show, Snooki brought her friend J-Woww along for her first ultrasound. I can remember how excited I was to see my little munchkin, to see the wiggly little person who was invading my stomach. To be fair, the images aren’t exactly adorable. It’s really more of the thought of your future baby that makes parents so emotional upon seeing those gray and white outlines. But I guess Snooki couldn’t get past the creepy appearance of the photo and imagine what her little tyke would actually look like.

Even though Jenni remarked that the image was “so cute,” poor Snook had a hard time! In fact, she said, “Eww… I’m gonna throw up!” Apparently the picture’s “alien-like” appearance didn’t sit so well with the reality star.

Well Snooki, I have some sad news to share with you. Kids don’t get any less ewwy. In fact, once you’re holding them and they start pooping, peeing and vomiting, they get significantly more stomach-turning.

I’d like to share my gross factor turning point. It was the moment when I realized that my entire scale of nastiness had completely shifted sometime after childbirth. I’ll apologize now to anyone with a weak stomach.

When my daughter was just past her first month mark, she got her first flu. I had taken her to Church with me for Easter Sunday and obviously exposed her to her first set of germs. My poor tiny baby was to sick that I was feeding her Pedialyte with a eye dropper so that she could keep the fluid down. Honestly, it was a really scary time for me as a new mom. And of course, it was the time when my mother and father went on vacation, so I had no help with my new mom panic.

My daughter couldn’t keep anything down, but she was constantly hungry because she hadn’t had milk in days. I was just using my little medicine dropper to feed her miniscule amounts of fluids every couple minutes. Needless to say, that didn’t satisfy her, and she spent a lot of time crying her head off. So there I am, stressed, exhausted and terrified, pacing my daughter up and down the hallways, when she pukes right down by back. But before I can put her down to strip off another dirty shirt, she curls up in my arms and falls asleep.

Every mom reading this knows exactly what I did. I spent the next 45 minutes rocking my daughter side-to-side, my should and back soaking wet with puke. I couldn’t put her down and risk waking her up when she needed to sleep so badly.

That was the moment when gross began to take on a whole new meaning. That was the day that body fluids from my baby just became another part of parenting.

Babies can be gross. Really, intensely gross. They can look like aliens. They can pee all over you and smear poop all over themselves. But don’t worry Snooki, you’ll have your moment. You’ll hit that time when the eww just doesn’t come. You’ll get to nod and smile and say, “Yup, so cute.”

What about you? What was your gross-out momma moment?

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  • Mrs. Lynn

    Actually, they do look pretty creepy on the ultrasound. I happen to have a love for all things creepy, so I proudly hung my Skeletor-looking u/s pic. My sister freaked out because her baby looked like she “had no skin”. They did a 4D to calm her down. She’s a very good mom. I think all of us moms know how crazy pregnancy hormones can be and how it can screw with our heads. It’s not necessarily a reflection on what kind of parent we will be.

  • Kate

    Ultrasounds are gross. The pictures are gross, the process is gross, it’s all gross. Stop being so judgmental.

  • Jaye

    My son was about 12 months when he got his first case of the flu. I woke up to him screaming his head off in his crib, which was very much unlike him. I picked him up out of the crib and as we were walking down the stairs he projectile vomited all down my back and got a case of the runs so bad it leaked through his diaper at the same time. It was in that moment, covered in more bodily fluids than anyone should ever be, but more concerned about him than what was all over me that I realized I truly was a parent. Good Luck to Snooki!

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