Daycare Worker Caught Bullying 3-Year-Old Boy Represents All That Is Wrong In This World

bullyingLots of moms spend way too much time labeling other moms and/or defending their own parenting styles. But I’m pretty sure that every type imaginable would agree that Lindsay Cavallaro, the daycare worker caught bullying a 3-year-old boy in her care, is scum of the earth. Harsh, I know, but you tell me: What kind of person speaks to a defenseless child this way?

Here’s how the whole thing went down: A cell phone video made its round online throughout the town of Camden, Connecticut. In it, a daycare worker identified as Cavallaro is shown taunting a little boy named Michael, who grows more and more upset by the second. Michael tells his teacher he wants to go to the moon, to which she responds, “Newsflash, sweetheart. I don’t really like you either ’cause you throw toys.” He then threatens to throw her cell phone, at which point Cavallaro tells him, “Do it. Go ahead. No balls. Oh, you’re a tough guy. Hey boss, show me your nine…”

The video eventually ended up in the hands of Michael’s mother who, as you can imagine, was in total shock. “When I saw my son’s face it was just unbelievable,” Tyesha Reese told WTNH. “He’s everything to me. He doesn’t deserve it. No child deserves it and especially not mine.”

I can’t even imagine how this poor woman must have felt when she first realized what was going on with her child. I mean, I personally am outraged – how could any normal person not be? – but to see your own child’s face on screen… just wow. Look, I get that caring for young children all day is hard and tiring work. And everybody snaps sometimes, that’s just life. But Cavallaro’s words go way beyond frustration. This woman is clearly taunting the boy and she eggs him on, which is equally disturbing. This child is 3 years old!

Needless to say, Reese has pulled her child from daycare. Cavallaro, meanwhile, has been put on paid leave while the daycare center investigates.

(Photo: Gary Paul Lewis/Shutterstock)

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  • vTenebrae

    She gets rewarded with a vacation for picking on a 3 year old? She should have been fired immediately.

    She’s a bully picking on someone 1/5 her size.

    There’s no justification for taunting a 3 year old. Even if the kid had been rude, teasing her, or giving her a hard time… she’s a day care worker. The child is THREE. Put the kid in time out and leave him alone.

    I have a 3 year old, myself. Sometimes she really does work my last nerve. However, I’m a grown up. I behave like a grownup & use proper discipline to correct behaviour. I don’t act like a 3 year old, myself, and start hurling insults.

    Paid leave… ooh.. that’ll show her!

  • Donna

    Paid leave? For bullying a 3 year old? I agree that there needs to be an investigation. Maybe there was a reason for her behaviour – I don’t know what, but maybe there was. Suspend her, don’t give her a paid holiday for emotional abuse of a child while the investigation is conducted.

    • Mrs. Lynn

      Of course there’s a reason; she’s an immature bitch who picks fights with toddlers! Pathetic.

  • Danielle

    I’d have to break this woman’s knee caps if that was my kid.

  • Karen J. Pottruff

    Someone suggested the child should have been placed in time out and left alone. I agree.