STFU Parents: Even More Angry Parent Tirades On Facebook

The last time we explored the hostile world of Angry Parents on Facebook was back in February when I introduced the mama bear-laden category. Since then, Angry Parents submissions have continued to rear their irascible heads in my inbox, so today I figured what the hell. It’s close to 90 degrees in most parts of the country, some of us (myself included) don’t have central air, and that can make even the cheeriest person act crabby. So today, instead of fighting the urge to be angry, let’s embrace it. Celebrate the hate! Get in touch with your feisty side and you’ll feel right at home with this collection of crazy people, many of whom think it’s funny or even downright adorable to share their anger (“jokingly” or not) on Facebook. We’ve entered an era where updates like these are perfectly acceptable, so break out your boxing gloves and get in the ring!

1. Baby Love


Haha, you ladies know what Tiffany’s talking about! When your baby is in the best mood ever and the two of you are doing some light shopping and then BAM! He smiles at a stranger and that stupid bitch doesn’t even make eye contact with him. As if the poor child is going to learn anything about socializing from people like that! Is it wrong to want to drag them outside by their ponytails and kick them in the face until they admit your baby is the cutest?

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  • T.

    I have no words.
    And those are parents?

    • Robby

      Unfortunately, yes.

  • JD

    Violence is just SO funny. Sheesh.

    • Brandi

      It’s okay though, who knows what kind of broken spirits these kids would grow up with, if not for their mothers beating everyone down.

  • Meg

    Wait…so calling someone a ‘bitch’ isn’t ladylike, but dumping a bucket of works on a child is? What is wrong with these people?

    • Meg

      make that *Worms

    • squib

      That was my favorite part, too! “Way to be a lady,” indeed.

  • Fay

    I think I like the first one the most, because of a rouge chicken pox as a child My face is, well I wouldn’t call it paralyzed, not anymore at least after years and years of PT, but it doesn’t move right, or much at all, so I have a rather dead pan expression.

    So yes please, get onto me for not smiling at your kid, I’ve told many people straight out my face is paralyzed, the looks of embarrassment are always amusing.

    (Please forgive any grammar/spelling errors I am very very tired.)

  • S.

    Sometimes people have called me crazy for carrying around a bucket of worms, but I can’t tell you how many times it has gotten me out of trouble. Rude cashier? Forgetful waiter? Someone who steals my parking spot? BAM.

    • J.

      haha too funny!

  • Nichole

    The lack of punctuation in #4 killed me!! I hate having to sit there and decipher a message!
    Also, regarding the last slide with the tag that her friend made for her…the grammar there was horrendous as well. “Pull over if you don’t so I can”
    Ugh, that part was the worst.
    Also, I think I’m starting to PMS, so things are becoming more and more obnoxious to me. Well, I think these things would be obnoxious to me anyway, I guess I’m just more verbal about it when I start to PMS :-/

  • whiteroses

    First of all- as a mother and aunt, I am not required to interact with any child other than ones that I am related to/ gave birth to. If I don’t want to interact with your precious, that doesn’t make me a terrible person. It makes me an overtired mom who just wants to finish her shopping.

    I would NEVER condone my teenage child calling a little girl a “bitch”. But neither would I dump a bucket of worms over said teenager’s head. What does that teach my child? That it’s okay to retaliate however I darn well want to, no matter how it might look? I’d rather teach my children how to be better people I these sorts of situations than teach them how to be hardasses. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Violence isn’t funny or acceptable, no matter the circumstance. And I want to teach my son that there are better ways to deal with idiots. The world doesn’t owe you anything, and other people have the right to live in it. That’s what I can’t stand about the “mama bear” mentality- women jumping down people’s throats for any percieved or imagined slight.

  • Sharky

    There are many stupid ways to spell “Casey,” but “Kaysi” has to be the worst I’ve ever seen. Klassy Kaysi.

    • Lauren

      I heard of a girl named Stayc, and no that is not a typo.

  • Brandi

    Ya know, I was not the most behaved kid in the world. In fact, I was almost always at war with some group of kids or another since there were just so many kids where I grew up. I don’t remember my Mom ever “unleashing her furry” because of something so stupid as not smiling at me, or an older kid being a douche (unless he was hurting me).
    The only time I remember my Mom being like this was when some girl’s aunt put her hands on me because she is one of those women that don’t realize you don’t fight with little kids! My Mom made me walk home before she dealt with that lady so, I don’t know if she busted her can open (!), but she never bothered me again!

  • Rachel

    I know it’s wrong, but I think the worm post is pretty funny.

  • FluffMonster

    In the teenager’s defense, Amber’s child should have been more careful.

    • Lyn

      Really? The 7 year old should have been more careful? That’s ridiculous! While it isn’t made clear, I have my doubts the 7 year old splashed the water on purpose! Ever been around little kids and water? Well guess what…they SPLASH! If the teenager didn’t want to get wet, she should stay away from water where children are playing.

  • Corrina

    I have mixed feelings about Amber’s post. On the one hand, I’ve been in the little girl’s shoes. At a roller rink once, I fell and reflexively grabbed the first thing that was in my reach, which unfortunately was another skater’s shirt. The girl proceeded to cuss me out, completely humiliating me in front of my friends and everyone else. Being the extremely shy person I was I couldn’t say anything in my defense, but I was thinking, “Chill out, bitch, it was an accident.”

    On the other hand, Amber should have been more of a grownup and not resorted to such a childish tactic.

    Actually, now that I think about that bitch at the rink, I can sorta get behind what Amber did. Ha-ha.

  • Melissa Limasse

    Just read this today and then almost immediately saw a post:

    Mom is worried about her son because he got some kind of bug bite and he seems to be allergic, because it has swelled to thrice the size of any normal bug bite.

    She has since stated that “whatever it was, spider or not, it better stay hidden from me, because I’m going to go medieval on its ass!”

    She actually said “it’s” ass, but I took the liberty of correcting that here.

  • Amy Harrison

    If you explode every time someone does/says/doesn’t do/doesn’t say something to your child, then no one is going to be your friend. Worse, your children won’t have any friends. So you are actually the one ruining his/her life, and committing them to everlasting games of WoW and other such nonsense.