Grand Jury: Dad Who Killed Daughter’s Alleged Attacker Won’t Face Charges

A grand jury in Texas has refused to indict a father who beat a man to death for allegedly molesting his 4-year-old daughter. The incident happened earlier this month when a man hired to help with horses had been invited to the family home near Shiner for a barbecue. According to reports, a neighbor saw the man taking the girl against her will to a barn and alerted her father. When the father arrived, he heard his daughter screaming and he said he saw the toddler’s underwear was off and the man was molesting her. He began beating the man up with his bare hands and ended up killing him.

When I first heard this news, I was disgusted by the response on social media. “Swift justice!” someone had said. “Texas justice!” another had said.

But how can you know that justice has been served before determining if everyone’s telling the right story? What if someone killed a man and then concocted the story to cover up his crime? I was glad a Texas Grand Jury was looking into the matter. And additional reports indicated that the killing was completely unintentional. The father made a call to 9-1-1 that seemed to indicate he had not intended to kill the man, simply beat him up for raping his child. And there’s more:

“The physical evidence at the scene appeared to substantiate the father’s account. When emergency personnel arrived, Jesus Mora Flores’ pants and underwear were down and the man’s genitals were exposed,” said Lavaca County Sheriff Micah Harmon.

Investigators conducted an autopsy, a physical and forensic exam of the child and heard several detailed witness accounts, which all corroborated the father’s statement, they said.

Raping a toddler shouldn’t be a capital offense but there’s not a jury in this country that would convict any parent who reacted with violence upon seeing his or her toddler raped. I watched some of the local news reports after the incident, and it was clear that locals completely supported the family and, in fact, some suggested he deserved a medal rather than criminal charges.

Earlier this month, Editor Shawna Cohen wrote that she thought the father should not be charged. A vigorous discussion in the comments ensued. Does this new information about the grand jury’s decision change your mind?

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  • Lastango

    “And additional reports indicated that the killing was completely unintentional.”

    If I had been beating the guy, it would have been intentional.

    • BluJay

      ^ I concur.

  • John

    Not to sound all Old Testament or Biblical, but an “Eye for an Eye!!!” This person (as I wont call him a man) basically ended this childs life (as I am a certified and a licensed counselor) in the sense that she will never grow up the same, experience life the same, enjoy relationships the same, etc. Although I do not promote the use of extreme violence (as I try and disect most matters in my life in a logical manner) I do stand by three tenant’s that cause my logic to go completely out the window: Do not mess with: A) My Family, My Friends, or My Money!!!

    • Cindy

      I agree….that little girl will be scarred for a long while. Hopefully her parents will get her help to deal with this immediately. If they do, she will have a better chance of a normal life.

    • Stephen Wicker

      Dear John, I agree with you, but if you want to be taken seriously when conducting even a FB conversation, will you please learn how to spell?!? It’s “dissect,” not “disect,” and “tenets,” not “tenants.” Just being a spelling nazi, you understand.

  • Oy

    Raping a toddler shouldn’t be a capital offense?? Are you kidding me? So toddler rapists should get what, a few months in jail? Parole? Someone who has that type of perversion does not change, they may be put in jail but the cycle always continues with another victim when they get out. Maybe not right away, but eventually. Often capital punishment is the only way to stop the cycle, it is sad to say.

    • ipsedixit

      “Capital punishment is the only way to stop the cycle”….

      Which is why we don’t have any murders….oh…wait.

    • Caroline

      Yep, that’s exactly right. Our only options are capital punishment or a few months in jail. For your information, there is this thing called a “year” and people do, in fact, serve a whole lot of them in a row.

      You know, you might have a point to your argument, but when you present something so ridiculous, no one will take you seriously. “You’re not going to KILL them? So you think we should set them all FREE??”

    • Cindy

      Its sad to say, but in the area that I live in (in Texas), it seems prostitutes and shoplifters get more jail time than sex offenders. That doesn’t sit well with me at all.

  • Eileen

    If Dad’s telling the truth, then the killing’s justified-ish (I still think that it destroys the justice system for everyone to pursue his or her own justice, but I’m not going to quibble about the murder of a man in the act of raping a little child). But there aren’t any witnesses, are there? I’d want to make sure the dad didn’t have another reason for wanting the man dead.

    • LoveyDovey

      It’s right there in the article that someone else spotted the attack before the father did. So yes, there is a witness. Slow down and read before posting.

      Also, there was no “pursuing his own justice”, he LEGALLY defended his daughter from an attack in progress! The attacker happened to die in the process (killing someone with a blow to the head is a lot easier than you think), but that’s not vigilantism.

  • Vicky H

    1) In Texas, the law states that you are allowed to use deadly force to protect yourself or your children from harm.

    2) Witnesses and medical evidence corroborate the father’s testimony that his daughter was being harmed.

    Case closed–there was nothing to indict him on.

    We are NOT debating vigilante justice here!
    Nor are we debating what “punishment” child molesters “deserve.”
    The child was being harmed, and the parent reacted with deadly force. This is legal in Texas. If you don’t like the law, write your elected representatives and try to get it changed.

    • CIndy

      I agree…

  • Cindy

    Im afraid if I came up and caught someone hurting my daughter like that, my intentions would also be to kill the b******…..

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  • K

    “Raping a toddler shouldn’t be a capital offense”. The hell it shouldn’t be. Yes, some pedophiles get years but many don’t/ Especially when the victims are so young. They’re “unreliable” witnesses. Come on, we’ve all heard/read about repeat sexual offender committing crimes while on probation … the media wring its hand, clucks its tongue and plaintive wonders how this could happen. Because nobody put these things (sexual deviants/pedophiles) to death.

  • Robert Burke

    The mandatory penalty for people who are convicted of such crimes should be
    Death within 72 of conviction by injection, no appeal.
    Such behaviors are a very real threat to the whole of community.
    The registered sex offenders list is a start. The public at large is very
    Uneducated about this topic and responds with misplaced compassion in
    many cases unfortunately.
    Frankly, we all are guilty for allowing ourselves to expose ANY child to
    the current environment we live in with knowingly perversity tolerance.
    The four year old will NEVER have the precious childhood we all want
    for our children.